Won’t you take me to Taco Town (.org)

The good people over at TacoTown.org have thrown up a Do512 badge to highlight their upcoming musical picks.   Easy as pie, and oh so satifying to have your very own austomatically-updating event calendar – check out the details here.

By the way, along with great taste in Austin Events Calendars, the guys over at Taco Town have great taste in tacos (go figure) – go check it out right now and go get yourself some grub.


December 14, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Cabeza De taco replied:

    i usually generally equate noshin on tacos with DOing stuff in the 512 area code. they seem mutually simpatico.

    though i also consume them in the 713 area-code. which leads me to this-

    why not a Do713 website?? lots of stuff to do here in houston.


  2. do512 replied:

    Damn fine idea Cabeza! We gotta get it snappin here in the 512 first, but be on the lookout cause we have your taco noshin’ self in our sites.

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