Happy Hour as Salvation

There is one undeniable truth in Do512 land: Happy hours are fun no matter what. You’re with friends. You’re getting your drink on. You’re away from places of responsibility. And you are welcome to dip your fingers over and over into a bottomless tray of nuts and fried, salted, crunchy thingies.

We wholeheartedly embrace happy hours as a way to bring together friends, countrymen, co-workers, co-conspirators, potential love triangles and complete strangers for a quality time. That’s why last Thursday we threw a happy hour for you — our users. We wanted to bring you together, meet you face to pretty face, and offer you the opportunity to meet each other.

And meet you did! There was gladhanding aplenty! Party pics by the dozens! Knife throwing! Kissing contests! Why, we will be the bigger man in the room and fess up that we underestimated the party potential of our users!

That’s not to say that the DJ’s didn’t keep the bass line pumpin’. Or that the special warm food we brought to the bar for you wasn’t satisfying. No, that’s not to say. Nor is it to say that the ping pong tourney did not result in one deserving Do512 user and a lucky date winning FREE TIX to a LA ZONA ROSA show.

The only thing to be said of that party is this: Yes. Yes, you came. Yes, it was special. And yes, we will be doing it again soon!

Thank you dear users!


January 15, 2007. Uncategorized.

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