Holy SXSW!

We’ve done our damnedest to find all the official and unofficial SXSW parties, showcases & films and make them easy to find and organize for you.

Here’s a couple examples of what you can find:

  • The 83, and growing, opportunities for FREE BEER and Music next Friday.
  • The 51 showcases at midnight on Wednesday
  • The 81 films playing on Monday
  • All the Bands playing SXSW and every show (official and unofficial) they are playing.
  • Search around. Click “Do It!” for the things you want to catch – and we’ll build you a schedule you can share with your friends, Print out, or access on your phone’s browser.

    Here’s an example of the print/mobile version of my buddy Lonnie’s Picks.

    Let us know what you think. And if you find anything that’s wrong – just put it in the comments and we’ll fix it, OR every page on the site is editable from the “edit this…” link in the left column.


    March 10, 2007. Uncategorized.


    1. Ted replied:

      Is there an online map of all the locations? If so, send link(s).

      Thank you


    2. Scott replied:

      Unfortunately we don’t have a map with everything on it. There are maps on the individual event and venue pages, but we didn’t have time to build out the aggregate map (brand new site – tons of data to get in) Sorry. Great idea though.

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