Do512 and our fancy new shoe(s)

We’re happy to be rolling out a snazzy new look for the site today. The overall goal being to simplify, tighten, and speed up the homepage. We hope you like it, and that you’ll let us know in the comments or just email Do512 [at] Do512 [fancy dot symbol] com.

Some of the things you may noticed:

  • The links in the header have been narrowed to 4 from 8
    • Weekly Top Picks will take you to the most popular shows in the next 7 days
    • Comments & Photos will take you to… you guessed it, all the comments and photos you send in. While it’s arguably a lame name, the page itself is pretty snazzy and we’re very excited to see where you take it (including suggestions on a name)
    • Your Do512 Crew makes it easy to see what your friends are Doing and/or recommendations from your favorite All-Stars. Don’t have a crew yet? Hop to it.
    • Add an Event should be fairly self-descriptive
  • We tightened up the way you filter events, dropping the number of types from an unruly 15 to an equally comprehensive 6
  • We brought back the all-star picks. So you can jump right to their recommendations if you don’t trust the masses to plan your party hours.
  • We got rid of some of our ugly announcement blocks in exchange for links to lovely missives just like this.

All in all, it’s a lot of summer cleaning after 9 months of adding stuff. We’ve worked real hard on this, but that doesn’t mean we won’t change it in a heart beat if you tell us where we’ve gone wrong. Do512 is for you.


August 7, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. dan s. replied:

    Bravo my bretheren! Bravo!

  2. Scott replied:

    Thanks Dan! We’re pretty pumped about it. Look for some cool stuff to be popping up over the next couple weeks now that we’ve got things tightened up a bit.

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