>Do512 Presents: Oliver Future and the Gray Kid, this Sat @ Parish– Only $5 w/ RSVP ($12 otherwise)

Do512 is proud to presents an eclectic evening of LA rock and hip-hop featuring former Austin-turned-LA rock favorites Oliver Future, and the smooth rhymes and booty-shakin’ beats of LA’s hottest white-rapper phenom, The Gray Kid.

$12 at the door, $10 in advance….But only $5 @ the door if you RSVP HERE!!

“Oliver Future is what the (Bristish) 80’s often wished they could be. They have all the intense, sexy pomp of glam, with heavy but melodicguitars that feel composed rather than merely played. Combine these driving passions with impossibly hooky lyrics and rich production and you’ve got pure guitar gold.” -Mike Meginnis, Splendid Ezine

“Best New Band in Austin”-(Olive Future) Matt Dentler, Austin Chronicle

InSound.com review of Oliver Future’s new album “Pax Futura”:

“With the long-playing album succumbing to today’s single song downloadable world, Oliver Future’s Pax Futura is refreshingly anachronistic. Filled with mini-suites and recurring themes, Oliver Future and acclaimed producer Adam Lasus have created an album in the biggest sense of the word. From the first winsome notes of opener “The Many Things I Am Aware Of,” to the manic closer “The Slow Fast,” the record brims with intensity and highlights the band’s impressive range. Songs fade into each other like scenes from a film as frontman Noah Lit muses on topics such as the apocalypse, politics, failed romance and natural disaster”

CD Baby review of The Gray Kid:

“…his self-styled underground pop has been winning fans of all genres and walks of life, from indie hipsters to hip hoppers, models to mods, jocks to journalists. Having earned a devoted following in NYC from consistent gigging and the resulting word-of-mouth buzz, The Gray Kid treats his fans to a one-man show unlike any other. Equal parts Mick Jagger and L.L. Cool J, Noel Gallagher and Eminem, this mic wrecking, song writing, hip shaking, guitar playing, soul crooning, music making dynamo drops electrified, Jeep-beat anthems that’ll shake your speakers and make you shake your ass. And if that’s not enough, he writes the kind of insanely catchy melodies and magnetic hooks that will keep you singing his songs all day long…”


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