> New Ads. More Helpful?

So it’s probably obvious that we’ve changed how we’re displaying ads. We’ve put a LOT of thought into it and hope that we’ve come up with something that makes everyone happy.

Placement: They are definitely a bit more “in your face”, but having them at the top allows the “commentary on today’s events” (which is pretty terrific if you haven’t been checking it out) to come up “above the fold”, and it’s going to open up the right column on band, venue & event pages for more helpful non-ady stuff (once we get around to building it.) Hopefully this is a fair trade-off?

Usability: The old ads didn’t really provide a whole lot of context about when/where they were taking place + we often didn’t have all of the upcoming shows for a venue b/c the ad creative wasn’t put together yet. To solve this we’ve grouped all the upcoming shows for our advertising venues into one big meta-ad (and build an ad on the fly for those we don’t have creative for.) You can scroll through all of these shows using the handy arrows, and can hover over the titles at the bottom for a little more info (look for more activity here soon)

As we get more individual event advertisers we will be creating meta-ads for upcoming comedy shows, art shows, drink specials, and so forth.

We’re very interested in your feedback, so please let us know what you think and how we can improve them. Either email us: Do512 [at] Do512 [dot] com or just leave a comment below.



September 20, 2007. Uncategorized.

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