>Mickey Avalon Back in Austin, Tue. 10/9 @ Emos

Don’t Miss the King of “Glam-Hip Hop”….Mickey Avalon @ Emos, Tue, 10/9

Review from Pop Matters.Com:mickey.jpg

“When you pop in an album and the first words to boom from the speakers are “We are going to have open sexual intercourse on every street corner of America!”, it’s hard not to feel surprisingly shocked, slightly disgusted, highly intrigued, and deliriously thrilled regarding the ride you’re about to be taken on.  Needless to say, Mickey Avalon really knows how to get people’s attention and keep it.

With his self-titled debut album released through MySpace Records (as if MySpace hasn’t already become an omnipresent internet entity, now the company is taking aim at the record industry), Mickey Avalon has single-handedly invented the genre of “glam rap.”

Upon first look, the heavily tattooed Avalon exudes a certain Iggy Pop aesthetic.  His appearance is striking in a strange way, heavy on androgyny that still manages to lean ever-so-slightly more towards the masculine.  There’s something alternately scuzzy, yet very likable about Avalon.  Similarly, musically, Mickey Avalon combines the raunchy, self-assured pop of early Prince with the humor and lyrical flow of Ludacris, and the autobiographical, story-weaving lyrics of Mott the Hoople’s Ian Hunter. ”



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