RSVP to get in FREE for: Reckless Kelly, Shelby Lynne, Junior Brown Fri. Mar 14th @ Austin Music Hall

Click on the link below to RSVP:



February 26, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Scott replied:

    RSVP and login issues are all fixed up now, so no worries there.

  2. Jennifer replied:

    I am having trouble RSVPing for this event….i am logged in but when I visit the link for the event, it shows me as not logged in and i am unable to RSVP…thanks!

  3. Lori Stevensen replied:

    hope to get on the list!!!

  4. henry green replied:

    Would like to RSVP for the Reckless Kelly tickets

  5. april replied:

    Hello, how do I know if I am on the list for the Shelby Lynne show? I have tried RSVP’ing but no confirmation- ?

  6. Scott replied:

    Hi April, If you added your Name and Email to the RSVP section of the event page you are good to go. There have been a couple of issues for some people, where it doesn’t look like the RSVP went through, but it always does 🙂 We will email you more info the day of the show.


  7. megan replied:

    how do you know if you have a spot reserved? i rsvp’d already, but so did 600 other people… do i get an email if i’m on the list?

  8. Scott replied:

    Hi Megan. If you RSVPd you are on the list. We will be sending out a confirmation the day of the show. Thanks!

  9. Trena replied:

    so am i on the list or what?

  10. Scott replied:

    Hi Trena. I just checked your email and it doesn’t look like you’re on the list. Try RSVPing again on the event page. Thanks.

  11. Christy replied:

    cannot wait for this show! Should be incredible!!! I just saw Reckless in Luckenbach this weekend… nothing short of spectacular!

  12. priscilla and sheila replied:

    sheila just turned 70! and wants to come to the show! are we in?

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