First Day of Summer Fest This Saturday at Guero’s

This Saturday marks two special occasions, the first day of summer (meh, I could do without the heat), AND The Boxing Lesson & The Loyalty Firm’s super fun FREE party celebrating the aforementioned occasion. So even if you are like me and a bit appalled by the summer heat that finds us every year in Texas, at least this party gives you a chance to swallow the bitter pill a bit more sweetly. Tons of good bands from the local “scene” are playing at Guero’s from noon to 9pm and my guess is that this is guaranteed to be a happening party straight on through the day. Because the show is free, you can even buy yourself an extra margarita or two (if you haven’t had one at Guero’s you are really missing out). I’ll sure be rocking this party on Saturday, come on out and have a drink with me, The Loyalty Firm, and nine great Austin bands.

8pm – The Boxing Lesson
7pm – The Mercers
6pm – The Calm Blue Sea
5pm – Nic Armstrong
4pm – Benko
3pm – MrandMrsmays
2pm – Peel
1pm – Built by Snow
Noon – HMS Foolhardy

June 18, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Mr replied:

    I’ll be wearing a spedo and dousing myself with pepsi throughout the day for pleasure. Come and join me, mr from mrandmrsmays on the (tough guy announcer voice over) “fiiiiiiirst daaayyyyy of Suuuuuummmmmerrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!”

  2. Anonymous replied:

    save those pepsi points and get some mp3s off Amazon

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