Brand Spanking New! Weekly Survey! This week…Why do you hate the f’ing Holidays?

SURVEY QUESTION: Why do you hate the f’ing holidays?

In an effort to create even More ways to give our beloved users tickets and tabs, Do512 is launching a new feature, a weekly survey. Not only do we want to help you all win more free shwag, we also want to know more about you all, what you like, dislike, and how we can better serve those likes and dislikes.  This week we really don’t care about any of that, we’re just looking for some funny stories about “why you hate the f’ing holidays”. Give us one of your best reasons, horror stories, whatever.  Just write us a comment below. We’ll announce a winner every Thursday. You’ll have free reign to pick a show of your choice that we have a ticket giveaway running for.


December 9, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Brooke McKinsey Henckel replied:

    The holidays always seem to put a sort of “spirit spell” on me, good and bad. WIth festive smells of firewood and eggnog and sparkling christmas trees, there is also the horror and annoyance of crying children while waiting in line at the store, the saturation of reds/greens, those creepy santa claus dolls and of course the MUSIC!
    There is nothing worse than being stuck in a line of 20 people at the mall while hearing over 5 different versions of “Noel”..and oh let’s not forget about being able to find a parking spot anywhere. ‘Tis the season for resorting to online shopping!
    I’m no Grinch but c’mon..I can only take these f’ing holidays for so long!
    happy holidays and a ba-hum-bug?!

  2. JennyJenJen replied:

    I hate the f’ing holidays bc you realize not everyone loves them. And maybe its bc they didn’t get tons of gifts every year from santa under their tree as kids, or they hate spending money on thoughtless gifts, or they just plainly hate the sparkley xmas lights. But for whatever reason, it always brings out he scrooges! Ba Humbug!!!

  3. k-izzo replied:

    I love eggnog like I’ll love my first born child. But I’m lactose intolerant. That shit pisses me off.

  4. april replied:

    i can’t stand this time of year because i lost my father a few years ago, and this time is a reminder of him not being around.
    Then it sucks trying to get around town and do things you have to do because the Xmas mayhem is like a virus and is rampant everywhere you look.
    it just makes me sad.

  5. SantaGotRunOverByAReindeer replied:

    I hate the f’ing holidays for a variety of reasons.

    1) The general cheeriness of folks is entirely out of control. Who could possibly enjoy themselves when every time you turn around sleigh bells are ringing through the air, or rather, the bells that those Salvation Army people ring outside of every store in town?

    2) Holiday sweaters – Imagine the horror of seeing someone in a holiday themed sweater with a blinking Rudolph nose and christmas tree lights? Those things, purveyed upon the American public by various companies such as “Lands End,” have an effect on people most common to the effect that a red flag has to a bull: instant rage.

    3) Eggnog / “Insert holiday drink here” – Once again, the holidays are an excuse for everyone in the world to trot out 70 different variations on the holiday beverages that we all hate. Starbucks even sells an “eggnog latte,” which manages to effectively ruin the concept of both eggnog AND lattes.

    4) Shopping – it’s impossible! The very idea of going to the mall to do holiday shopping is inconceivable. And, if I see another “holiday sale” ad sprinkled with trees and gifts and snowflakes, I’m going to explode!

    5) Last but not least – your relatives. You know the ones – the ones that you see once a year, that needle you endlessly for every single mundane detail of your life in the past year, all the while wearing aforementioned holiday sweater, and usually while sipping an abominated holiday beverage.

    Anyway, those just a couple of reasons why I hate the f’ing holidays!

  6. Isograft replied:

    Hummers with Christmas wreaths on the front.

  7. uselessgoo replied:

    santas with boners

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  9. lucas replied:

    i hate the holidays cause they,ve always been areal drag to me with all the love and caring and new years .i f***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ing hate it with all the noise and stuff

  10. lucas replied:

    i f************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ing hate new years!

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