Tell Us Your Favorite Dive Bar to Crawl Home From

In Do512’s second installment of our weekly survey we want to know your favorite dive bar. You know, that hole in the wall you pound one too many pbr’s at and then have to crawl home from. We all have one. Tell us yours in the comment section below. A random winner will receive a pair of tickets to a show of their choice.


December 16, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. k-dawwwg replied:

    G & S Lounge. How can you not love ‘ol Jimmy, he is such an angel

  2. Lawrence replied:

    If I’m crawling south, I have to go with Trophy’s. But if I’m crawling north I like Hole In The Wall. Longbranch, Ego’s, and Creekside are all cool, if they even qualify as dive bars. I’m gonna say Trophy’s.

  3. Paulito replied:

    If I get to a point where I’m crawling, odds are I won’t make it home…but Horseshoe Lounge when I’m feeling dingy and Polvo’s when I gotta date…and I’d want her to crawl back with me…nice!

  4. Jeff replied:

    Don’s Depot. Old people, piano, popcorn.

  5. Paulito replied:

    Old people can’t crawl Jeff! you ageist!

  6. k-dawwwg replied:

    Polvo’s for a date? Good luck getting her to put out after that!

  7. Paulito replied:

    Those fajitas can be expensive, mix some margs with that?! let the crawl begin…

  8. Tim replied:

    Lala’s is only a block from my house, so it is easiest to crawl home from. Cold Lone Stars are $2 and it is Christmas 365 days a year. Donn’s and Mean-Eyed Cat are the best downtown…

  9. Emily replied:


  10. Bobbie Lou replied:

    Side bar and Casino, love the bartenders in both.. but if I had to chose one it would be side bar (although casino has a better jukebox)

  11. johnny musselman replied:

    Poodle Dog Lounge. If a dive bar doesn’t slightly scare you, it isn’t a dive bar.

  12. Ryan Cano replied:

    Put me down for Sidebar & Barflys

  13. Stephen replied:

    The Jackalope or Casino El Camino on 6th for being unrelentingly dive-ish in all parts, front, middle, and back

    Creekside in the Red River district

    Hole in the Wall on campus

    Trophy’s heading south

    Overall…probably Creekside or Jackalope.

    I’ve crawled home from Jackalope before so that’s what I’ll stick to!

  14. JEAlex replied:

    oh wow. Throphys (hate to love it) and G&S (love to hate it) are my top two.

  15. Vanessa replied:

    Side Bar
    La Las
    Baby Blues
    and Barflys

  16. LisaMarie replied:

    Hands down….The Tiniest Bar in Texas.

    Cheap drinks, no pop-collar douchebags.

  17. Stephen replied:

    I forgot about the Tiniest Bar…have been there a couple of times in the past few months…hmmm….it’s certainly a strong contender

  18. April replied:

    The Horseshoe is without a doubt THE dive bar of Austin! No night is complete without a stop in there.

  19. Traci replied:

    Hand’s Down, Sidebar FTW…..drinks are super stiff, the company is always good and all the bartenders know your name

  20. Brooke replied:

    G & S Lounge. You must follow the rules:
    Never look the owner directly in the eyes.
    Pay with cash.
    Play Zoltar.
    Tip well.
    Only smile after being smiled at.
    Never touch the dogs.
    Play by the rules and you’ll find yourself smashed in an hour and crawling home and crawling into your bed.
    *truths OR rumors? believe what you will!

  21. Michele replied:

    I’m going to have to go with good ole’ horseshoe lounge. I would say Barton Springs saloon, but I’m not quite sure that is really a “dive”.

  22. do512 replied:

    Brooke’s reply may be the best thing I have ever read. Hilarious and so very very true

  23. eric replied:

    Lala’s is the diamond in the rough of the north. Perfect jukebox (4 plays for a dollar!), nice and dark with a good mix of neighborhood people and jerks like me.

  24. do512 replied:

    Dry Creek Saloon. Only open about about 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, during the warm season. Beer and pickled eggs. Dangerous upper deck. Bring your bottles back down if you know whats good for you. Oh and Barfly although the owner hates me for some reason and always kicks me out.

  25. David Balderdash replied:

    Lala’s is my favorite place on the north pole of town.

  26. Jeff replied:

    the drink menu includes pictures and they’re usually conveniently located next to a wal-mart or sam’s so that new lavender sweat pant/ shirt combo is a stone’s throw away.

    and plenty of old people paulito, plenty.

  27. LMM replied:

    Wow, a tough one. Lala’s if you’re feeling festive, any time of year. Dry Creek if you’re jonesin for a cold one and a crackly jukebox before sunset. Deep Eddy if you’re thirsty and broke. Donn’s for the ambiance, the Cat for the Cash. And of course, Ginny’s Little Longhorn if you’re feeling lucky on a sunday (chicken shit bingo. you heard me).

  28. Ubu replied:

    Horseshoe Lounge through and through.

  29. Andrew replied:

    Shangri-La or Longbranch fo’ sure.

  30. Scot replied:

    Poodle Dog

  31. Leann replied:

    Barflys fo sho.

  32. slipface replied:

    the office

    El Cedro

    Larry’s Roadhouse

    Cindy’s HogWild if you want a safe “dive bar”

    Schock … Is it still open ?

    Airport Bar and Grill

    There are about 10 other places I won’t mention because you’ll just ruin them.



  33. Jen replied:

    I’m a south sider so I vote for the horseshoe lounge. But I do so love the jackalope and lovejoy’s as well!

  34. Baby A replied:

    Horseshoe and Barton Springs Saloon on the south side, Baby Blues on the north side!

  35. maggie replied:

    That would have to be Deep Eddy Caberet on Lake Austin Blvd. Jukebox, pool tables, the list goes on……..

  36. RayRay replied:

    Nobody’s giving love to old reliable Crown & Anchor near campus? By far the best dive bar or just bar in general in town. Sports on TV, nice music, partially covered outside for smokers, cheap ass beer, relatively easy to get in and out of, and no BS. The best.

  37. Kerry Rupp replied:

    Echoing Don’s Depot. Where else are 20 and 30-somethings mingling with couples in their 80s, drinking scotch with flowers in their hair, and dancing to Elvira?! A Texas classic.

  38. Marissa replied:

    I love the Hideout up north and Bender down south – they are both owned by the same ppl that are Barfly (off airport) and Mugshots (downtown).
    Don’t forget The Grande though – that place rules and it’s owners rule even more!

    My final vote is for The Grande (it’s on Airport -GO THERE!)

  39. cass replied:

    Longbranch…love it!

  40. rob replied:

    casino el camino
    hole in the wall
    G&S Lounge…

    geez I guess listing them doesn’t really help, but I can’t make a decision.

    lots of good dives in ATX.

  41. christyluv replied:

    Don’t forget Nasty’s!

  42. Wayne Gerami replied:

    The Office, way over on the east side. It’s on 7th near Springdale. Cool atmosphere and away from the bustle of downtown.

  43. Jose replied:

    I ❤ me some G&S great beer selection and free popcorn

  44. Jeff replied:

    For exterior decor alone it could win the prize – not to mention the inside – Nasty’s!

  45. Shelley replied:

    Jackalope, gotta love the Helldorado drink!

  46. KT replied:

    Ego’s is the diviest place you can go if you never want to be found. It’s in the middle of a parking garage off South Congress and Riverside Dr. Small bar, postage stamp sized dancefloor, and live music from the piano. If you’re feelin’ good or bad, the vibe will fit your mood.

  47. slipface replied:

    Hey southies … you forgot dee and jims , beverlys, and sam’s town point

  48. Dougherty replied:

    one of the only true “dive” bars in every sense of the word, is trophys

  49. ST replied:

    I thought Ego’s closed…if it’s not closed, that’s certainly a dive by every single definition of one.

    It’s just not the same since they banned smoking in there though – now you can see the crust on the walls

  50. DiveBarDiveBomber replied:

    I’ve lived all over Austin. I have crawled home from many and I love ’em all, from the central classics (Casino El Camino) to the Northside (Barfly, the Carousel Lounge, Poodle Dog, La La’s, C-Hunt’s) to the Southside (G&S, the Horseshoe, Detour) to the far Northside (the old Cross Eyed Bull and the Water Tank). But my heart belongs to Ginny’s Little Longhorn with it’s regular patrons, single pool table, and honkytonk live music.

  51. Julie replied:


    you know you were there last night when you wake up in smokey clothes, remember being sassed by the bartender then laughing while doing shots with them. they’ve got the nicest damn door guys ever too. thank god no one got hurt playing pool…

  52. Emily replied:

    The late Showdown will always be my favorite!!

  53. Cheryl replied:

    Mean-Eyed Cat. Hoorah.

  54. uselessgoo replied:

    its gostobee trophy’s

  55. Anonymous replied:

    South Side: Sam’s Town Point and without question the G&S lounge, this place is beer heaven with frosty cold glasses! North Side: Ginny’s, Poodle Dog, Barflys or LaLa’s Little Nugget, Carousel.
    Frankly there aren’t enough dive bars in this town, I’ve gotten rather bored with them. Why the hell did they close Beverly’s? I only got to go once and I dug it.

  56. Christopher replied:

    My favorite is definitely LaLa’s. Totally dig the year-round Christmas theme, and the jukebox is classic…

  57. Chrissy replied:

    Giddy Up!!! Manchaca, Texas

    You will see, John Reed and Speedy Sparks to Nick Connely and Alvin Crow. Great old bar down in Manchaca.

  58. Heather replied:

    Barfly’s in my hood
    Hole in the wall on campus
    Bender’s south

  59. Grant replied:

    After reading everyone’s picks I am gonna say Lovejoy’s. I wouldn’t quite call it a dive bar but someone else did and it is my favorite bar in Austin.

    Just because your bartender hasn’t taken a shower in a week and treats you like shit doesn’t mean you are in a dive bar. I always thought of a dive bar as the type of bar where you would be stupid to order their food, they only have 3 kinds of beer, and the same 6 customers from open till close.

  60. Monty replied:


  61. 4rock replied:

    Gotta be the Horseshoe..sooo much history too..anybody interested in the sign that was in the back as ya go in the back door? had to move it cause people inside said they couldn’t get enuff air circulating to breathe lol.. n I have the hook up..thinkin of putting it on ebay n see what its worth..maybe a movie studio or another club mite want it..?

    oh! almost forgot the water tank..definitely worth mentioning too lol !

  62. Karla replied:


    Best Juke Box in town, hands down.
    Good beer choices. Who could ask for more?

    Enough said!

  63. black replied:

    Buddy’s – N. Burnett

  64. Erroneous replied:

    G&S WAS my favorite for along time, Jimmy takes great care of you if he likes you. If you fuck up, he keeps a hairspray-can of mace behind the bar and he LOVES to drag it out. Don’t fuck up. For the year 2000 his resolution was to kick 2000 people out of the bar. Yeah, he achieved his lofty goal. However, great bar- great selection, air hockey, great place to hook up for the night (as long as you wrap your jimmy).
    And I might add that sometimes it’ll be a year or more between visits and STILL when I walk through that door, by the time I get to the bar he has a Pacifico and a $10 roll of quarters waiting for me at the bar and a friendly greeting (by name, though I won’t give mine out here). Now THAT is a great bartender.

    These days though you CANNOT beat Barflys.
    $1.50 Lonestars. Always.
    $5 “Happy Meal”, meaning a Lone Star and a big-ass shot of Jaegermeister.
    If you order a double Jack & Coke you’ll get a huge glass of Jack with just a little Coke for color. Only $7.
    Also a great place to meet a pretty gal for the night. However, if you hook up there just know that these girls are basically eiither professional drunks or they have mental problems. Either way they’re pretty fun. 😉

    And, yes, Lala’s is a lot of fun… But no one can compete with Barflys. Best dive bar in Austin. Hands-down.

    If you’re feeling on the verge of suicide and want a dive bar, though, go to the Poodle Dog. Hell, from the moment you walk in you can tell this is the end of the road. All of the old-timers look beat-down. All of the youngsters are deadbeats. Everyone looks haunted.
    Last time I went there there was an older-ish lady sitting at the bar ROCKING HER BABY BACK AND FORTH IN A STROLLER. WTF?

    HOWEVER, after G&S raised their prices

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