Who Is Your Favorite Local Band?

In this installment of our survey series we want to know who all of your favorite local bands are. As we are all well aware, Austin is home to about 8 trillion acts and more than a few are pretty fantastic so if you can’t name just one, we won’t fault you. One random respondant will be chosen to win a pair of free tickets of their choice.


January 2, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. MooDaGreat replied:

    MooDaGreat prefers Mike Jones! Becuz when you live life w/ the three L’s, that’s the sheezy

  2. k-dawwwg replied:

    The Lemurs, how can you not love the Lemurs. Also waiting for Ume to explode on the scene any day now.
    My other side has a deep serious love for Complete Control, never get sick of seeing them.

  3. Mark replied:

    The Mother Truckers

  4. John replied:

    Built By Snow… best new band.. great live shows… all around fun band

  5. Goats replied:

    The Flametrick Subs! How can you not love this band. They often play 2 hour sets, the drummer plays standing up and the bassist has only one hand. They always sound incredible.

  6. Ana replied:

    Tough call but I’d go with Full Service followed by Built By Snow at a close second…

  7. Kerby replied:

    Johnny Gobbs will rock your face off! They open the show up at Red 7 January 6th during free week.

  8. Mary replied:

    Yeah, naming just one is impossible. Shearwater and Harlem had albums on my top 10 for 2008, but What Made Milwaukee Famous and the Lemurs are also awesome. And Built By Snow’s new album = <3.

  9. adi replied:

    Ringo Deathstarr

  10. danny replied:

    right now, definitely the calm blue sea.

  11. Navdo replied:


  12. D replied:

    the black and white years

  13. Vanessa replied:

    This is a tough one.
    There’s so many bands that are amazing in so many ways.

    But I’m going to have to give it to
    Explosions in the Sky

  14. diydanna replied:

    [All-time] Favorite Local Band: Belaire
    Also on the brain-
    [All-time] Favorite Hip Hop Artist/Group (tie): Zeale, The Word Association
    Best Band 2008: The Strange Boys
    Best Hip Hop Artist/Group 2008: Blacklisted Individuals
    Best New Band 2008: A Faulty Chromosome
    Band(s) to Watch in 2009: Gayle Gold, Harlem, The Lovely Sparrows, Shapes Have Fangs, Yellow Fever
    Best LP 2008: Take A Look Out Your Window – Pataphysics, Exposion – White Denim
    Best EP 2008: Northern Travelers – Cry Blood Apache

  15. rob replied:

    Nakia & his Southern Cousins always puts on a great show! I’m always impressed with how tight the band is and how no matter what they always give 120%.

  16. Paulito replied:

    Ok ,in no particular order

    Lemurs, Brownout, Black n White Years, David Garza, Montoya, Alejandro Escovedo, WMMF, Mice and Rifles, The Georgian Company, Leatherbag, The Black Angels, Morakestra, anything Brian Ramos does – Kanko, El Sanchoa and Master Blaster Sound System!

    Reunion of 09 – Maneja Beto, would be a crime if they don’t get back together…

  17. Ben replied:


  18. backlineshow replied:

    Golden Arm Trio, Bavu Blakes, Blaze, Brownout, Leatherbag and WMMF have to be my top four. I can’t help but smile when I am at those shows!

  19. k-dawwwg replied:

    duh, totally forgot Lions. also The Sword. i have never come across someone who doesn’t love the sword

  20. danny replied:

    Ringo Deathstarr ! ! !

    and how has no one mentioned Octopus Project?!

  21. Ubu replied:



    Daniel Francis Doyle

  22. brent urbach replied:

    grupo fantasma
    chili cold blood
    mario matteoli
    james hand
    red volkaert

  23. Shelley replied:

    J.J. Usher

  24. Earthbird replied:

    Lovin Brownout and Afrofreque, but have to vote for BigFace (do DJs/producers count as “bands”)

  25. Ian replied:

    Cruiserweight, Grenadier, Built By Snow, Driver F, Sober Daze, The Sweethearts, The Artificial Heart, and Born to Lose just to name a few. If Maneja Beto plays again, then they’d be on the list for sure.

  26. Bianca replied:

    Eagle Pritchard Murray Band. Check them out regularly at Red Fez and Lucky Lounge if you haven’t caught them yet.

  27. Ryan Cano replied:

    The Boxing Lesson, The Steps and Spoon

  28. jeannie replied:

    Chris Gage is my fav

  29. jeannie replied:

    Chris Gage is my favorite muscian

  30. sdickson replied:

    lemurs for sure!

  31. Chris replied:

    Cheryl Hill totally ROCKS!!!

  32. Sweet Tx Jimmy replied:

    Li’l Cap’n Travis. The Lemurs. Black Angels. Automusik. Any of Slim Ritchey’s bands.

  33. Richard replied:

    NAKIA & His Southern Cousins

  34. TwoGroove replied:

    Frantic Clam gets my vote

  35. Christina replied:


  36. Paulito replied:

    Just a quick overview seems our collective Top 3 bands are Brownout, Lemurs and Boxing Lesson, though not necessarily in that order. Either way these are fine examples of the new blood in the Austin music scene, innovative and eclectic. I LOVE Austin…

  37. Manny Morales replied:

    My nomination(s) don’t get a lot of publicity but they are excellent bands to go see. #1. Subrosa Union, #2. Este Vato, #3. Morakestra, #4. Bubba Hernandez and the Super Vatos. Thanks, Manny.

  38. Juan Inglesias replied:

    miller chill

    lime infused miller beer, not an official band but really a concert on your tongue.

  39. JennyJenJen replied:

    Gonna have to go with GoldCure! And then Lions, because I love rocking out to them on Guitar Hero.

  40. Juan replied:

    Fav unknown bands, even in Austin:
    You’ll start hearing about them around in ’09

  41. John the Ski replied:

    Krum Bums
    A Letter of Warning
    Under The Gun
    all great bands and good shows.

  42. Monty replied:

    Jon Dee Graham and his Fighting Cocks

  43. Ted replied:

    La Snacks


    Single Frame RIP

    Quiet Lovely RIP

  44. kristina replied:


  45. Michael replied:

    The Boxing Lesson

  46. jimmy replied:

    Heartless Bastards! Now that they’re local, best band, hands down.

  47. Miss KTW replied:

    No Contest, Grupo Fantasma

  48. Gacy replied:

    the white white lights 😉

  49. Gina replied:

    The Story Of & The Black and White Years

  50. Great Camboni replied:

    Grimy Styles!!!!

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