Local Songstress Joanna Barbera’s CD Release at Cactus Cafe

In celebration of her newest release, “Carnival Beginning,” local songstress Joanna Barbera is performing at Cactus Cafe January 21st. This is a great spot for this type of indie/folk performance and a great opportunity to check out some new emerging Austin talent.

Here is a bit more on Joanna from her Myspace, said much better than I ever could.

““What is so amazing about Joanna is that she has an incredible range in her voice along with the creative ability to write compelling lyrics.” – Amy Foell, of “Song O’ the Day” “There’s not much that makes me speechless except for Joanna Barbera’s voice; so uniquely sparse and lyrics compelling … You’ve got to check her out. She’ll leave you wanting more.” – Rachel, of Dolores Park Café. She sings about her experience, but her creativity makes it so you can’t know for certain. Joanna Barbera’s ethereal lyrics, reminiscent of the songwriting styles of Tori Amos and Cat Power, work like an Expressionist painting – depicting nothing in its exact form yet inducing overwhelming feeling in the listener. Live performances spur audience members to describe Joanna’s style as nothing less than “pure.” Meaning – what they hear sounds as if it’s coming straight from the inside, no filter, no polish needed. “The songs capture emotions of an experience,” Barbera says of her music, “Music makes me feel life and energy on a deeper level. I suppose I would love to do the same for my listeners, but I have little control over how others perceive my music.” Raised in the New York City area, Joanna began playing music at a young age, saddled beside her grandmother on the piano bench while she reeled out old standards. Over the years, she took up the guitar and took the road, traveling from the east coast to the southwest and on further to the west coast, stopping in San Francisco, where her playing eventually landed her a regular headlining gig at the famed Hotel Utah. Currently, Joanna lives in Austin, Texas. “My songs are like my home,” says Barbera, and she takes them with her wherever she goes. In Austin, Joanna has fastened herself a fine five-piece band, you can hear them monthly at the world famous Cactus Café or on at popular club Momo’s just off 6th Street. They were also features live on the Fox morning show just last May. When in New York City, Joanna’s been known to play at beloved venues like Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn, and Manhattan’s The Lit Lounge. Her voice is a tender flame, lit bright and warm, but always heaving within it – the possibility of something dangerous as a burn; a dark sultriness. Whatever she is playing, Joanna always plays it in her distinct sound. Barbera’s music resonates like wind chimes on a Midwestern prairie. She writes to get closer to the mysterious contents of her being, her guts – and yours. And what she finds there, she will sing out to you with an intimacy that is as close as breath on your face. Her enchanting EP was recorded at San Francisco’s Motor Studios and look out for her new full length LP will be released this fall.”


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