What is Your Favorite Taco in Town?

Welcome back to the Do512 survey. This week we want to know where in town you pick up your favorite tasty taco and which taco on that menu is your fave.  As always, a winner will be announced in Top Picks and will get to choose a free pair of tix to the show of their choice. Now reveal yourself almighty taco!


January 13, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. adi replied:

    al pastor @ el rapido

  2. jill replied:

    nuevo leon fish tacos

  3. Michele replied:

    fried avocado from Torchy’s

  4. Ana replied:

    green chili & pork @ torchy’s. mmm… queso fresco.

  5. April R replied:

    My favorite taco is a tie between the Trailer Park at Torchy’s and the suiza taco at La Pastor Tacos (trailer parking lot of Bingo on Riverside) on Riverside! YUMMY!!!

  6. April R replied:

    al Pastor..not la…

  7. Rob replied:

    Everything at Tacodeli is delish but I’d prob have to go with either the Fundido, the Cowboy Taco, or the Achiote chicken.

  8. Angie replied:

    Lunch Dinner Tacos: AL PASTOR at Changos, Trudy’s Fried fish taco, Flores Fajita Taco, Torchy’s (all of them!)

    Breakfast Tacos: By far the best breakfast taco I have ever put in my mouth is the “Erics” taco at Mi Gordis in the Cuernavaca Neighborhood in 78733.

    Next, surprisingly Central Market at lamar and 38th.

    I heart the taco game.

  9. jason hicks replied:

    beef fajita tacos from Enchilads Y Mas. Don’t forget the grilled serranos.

  10. Lauren replied:

    Tacos al pastor from Matt’s El Rancho and Curras, migas breakfast tacos from Maria’s Taco Express, conchinito pabil tacos from El Chilito

    I’m getting hungry just thinking about them!

  11. MooDaGreat replied:

    MooDaGreat prefers Torchy’s, because after flowin’ a hot set, nothing goes down better ‘den a Torchy’s taco

  12. Angie replied:

    Jason, I forgot about Enchiladas Y mas fajita tacos. Way better than FLORES, I substitute Y mas for Flores. Well played sir.

  13. k-dawwwg replied:

    Taco Deli runs circles around Torchy’s, no contest. Any taco with their version of breakfast potatoes rules.

  14. Joey replied:

    Migas breakfast taco from Nueva Onda!

  15. Lindsey replied:

    It’s a tie between the fish tacos at Polvo’s and the green chili pork at Torchy’s. maybe Polvo’s wins because they also have killer ritas!

  16. Kate replied:

    Steak tacos with cheese and guacomole at Gueros have been my favorite for like 20 years.

  17. Ryan replied:

    The Mojo Fish Taco at Taco Deli is delicious.

  18. crossfitatx replied:

    Barbacoa tacos at Maria’s TacoXpress. What really makes them (as well as their el pastor) is the HOT cilantro/onion/jalapeno lime/citrus salsa.

    That stuff would make a turd taco taste outstanding.

    Breakfast Taco? Rosie’s House of Tamales has an “everything” taco that kicks 10 kinds of ass.

  19. Jeff replied:

    Potato Egg and Cheese from Taco Deli
    w/ red and dona sauce

  20. Laura replied:

    Pete’s Tacos from Maudies for breakfast tacos, Torchy’s for the rest

  21. Ben replied:

    Chango’s, on Guadalupe

  22. Alex Faris replied:

    Pete’s Tantilizing tacos from Maudies arethe best breakfast tacos and Taco Deli’s Fish Mojo might be the best tasting taco of all time!! But, the open faced Picadillo taco at Matt’s(it’s the vinegar they put on the lettuce) and Vivo’s puffy tacos are also def high on my list.

  23. Ubu replied:

    Very simple.

    The basic soft taco from Tamale House. It’s brought me back from a coma-like hangover on too many occasions to be unfaithful now.

  24. mike replied:

    gringa at curra’s

    pork mole at tacodeli

  25. John replied:

    Torchy’s – Democrat & Doublewide
    Nuevo Undo – Make your own

  26. jimmy replied:

    1. Anything at Tacodeli, especially grilled scallop tacos.
    2. Torchys (green chili and trailer park)
    3. El Chilito (pork briased in sour orange)
    4.Changos fish and el jardin tacos

  27. JennyJenJen replied:

    Fish tacos at Ztejas! And I’ve heard the miga tacos at Xpress are the best.

    BUT I’m going to have to try the fried avocado at Torchy’s and the grilled scallop taco at tacodeli. Yum!

  28. Leann replied:

    The Pescado Entortillado (fancy for fish taco) at el Chilito is sooooo good….

  29. marissa replied:

    TORCHY’S HAS to win! All of their taco’s are phenomenal but my personal fave is the green chili pork.

    The owner’s are super friendly too!
    Don’t forget to try the dessert – fried cookie dough – i can’t remember what they’re called but they are evil and delicious!

  30. Emily replied:

    Torchy’s shrimp taco

  31. Rachaeljoy replied:

    OK, I’m all for new tastes, and interesting combinations, and even a little foo-foo here and there. But when I really need an honest, unassuming, real Tex-Mex juicy greasy taco, there is only one: Amaya’s. Regular beef tacos on their home-made corn tortillas, topped with their (my favorite) salsa. Oh, yum.

  32. RoseMarie replied:

    COCHINITA PIBIL TACO on Corn from El Chilito!!!

  33. Amy Jo replied:

    Green Chile Pork at Torchy’s on South First and El Paso – with their diablo sauce.

  34. Jessica replied:

    Location: El Taquito on riverside. Plate:tacos al pastor special plate served up with onion, cilantro and pineapple and wash it down with a medio litro of coca cola

    Best migas with cheese taco: Little Mexico on south 1st,just north of Oltorf.

  35. Daniel replied:

    Green Chile Pork taco at Torchy’s is probably my favorite. The Cowboy and Mole Tacos at TacoDeli are tied for second though.

  36. Anonymous replied:

    Wahoos and a close second is the Fried Avacado Taco from Torchys,

  37. bren replied:

    The chicken fajita tacos at Torchy’s rock!

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