Power Music Movement: Redefining the Austin Music Scene

If you haven’t heard yet, next Saturday a new kind of fest is hitting Austin. Power Music Movement and Brand Ur Band are launching their “Hi-Ro Music Fest, Hip Hop and Rock Nature Tour” January 24th at Austin Music Hall with a mission to bring musicians of all genres together. The movement strives to help musicians gain a voice on a local, national, and international level while helping them to better utilize corporate involvement to enhance their reach. Let’s face it people, this is the smartest thing to come around in awhile, being indie is fantastic, but you still have to pay the bills!

Power Music Movement is an event planning and entertainment workshop company formed by a group with years of experience in the biz. This month they are bringing to Austin one of the all time best hip hop groups around, De La Soul. De La Soul will headline a full day of great acts from Zeale to John Pointer. Tickets for this full day festival are only $30, De La Soul is worth that price alone!


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  1. Paul M. replied:

    I think this is the best thing that could possibly happen to Austin. This show will re-define the foundation that all festivals are based upon. From fans to bands is awesome! I look forward to seeing this unfold.

  2. Ryan Lasater replied:

    As the lead singer of one of the featured artists (Crash Gallery), I can speak on behalf of the rest of the guys that this might just be what Austin (and the rest of the world) needs right now! What a great fest. What a great idea! I think this show is so different and innovative. The guys at Hi-Ro and Power Music Movement might just be what this town needs. We are very excited to be apart of this.

  3. Panch replied:

    I don’t think there has ever been anything like this before, which was startling to me thinking about SXSW and ACL, and how all of the bands on Hi-Ro are mostly from Austin and have “local” status, but now they get the chance to play Austin Music Hall?!?! I have been talking about this for years to my friends, and I’d like to say that I’m surprised and pretty disappointed no one has done this before. There are too many things focused on music from outside the city. I’m a die hard concert goer, and would love to see this place REDEFINE its title as, “Live Music Capital of the World” I’m sure this is going to be a very cool event. Peaceful efforts Power Music Movement!

  4. marcus replied:

    My name is Marcus and I play in the band Dremnt The End. We are VERY excited to have the opportunity to play the Hi Ro Music Fest. Power Music Movement is one the best things to hit the Austin music scene in years! The team they have put together at Power Music Movement is amazing! They support indie bands 110% and have a great vision for the future of the indie music movement. Dremnt The End is honored to be a part of this movement.

    Marcus Federman / Dremnt The End

  5. Todd replied:

    What a great opportunity for these local bands to share the best stage in Austin…Looking forward to it!

  6. Sara replied:

    I am SO excited to see all of this AWESOME talent hit the stage and ROCK OUT Austin Music Hall!

  7. Kate replied:

    This show is going to be so bad @$$ me and my friends can’t wait to go! Big Red Rooster and Dirty Wormz should be the highlight of the concert! Everyone at Power Music Movement just keep doing what you’re doing! It’s a great thing you are doing for “the locals” and as long as more shows come along, I’ll keep coming and showing my love and support!

  8. Emily replied:

    Way to bring back the music scene to the music capital of the world.
    these kind of ideas is what made austin so great.
    I cant wait to see de la sou & big red rooster on the same stage!

  9. Blue replied:

    Putting music back in the hands of bands. That’s what I’m talking about. I can’t wait for the show, i’ll be counting down the days.

    Aaron (a.k.a) Blue

  10. LoonaC replied:

    This is LoonaC, and being a part of this show may mean I am biased but, what PMM is trying to accomplish could be exactly what Austin has needed for a long time. Austin has always been the Live Music Capital of the world, and has always had tons of Indie artists out there screaming to be heard. This is a chance for us all to come together and be heard together on a big stage. Let’s face it there is no other music festival in Austin that promotes the Local talent the way this one is. On top of that, this is the a great lineup of artists and bands that I cannot wait to see myself, and have been fans of for awhile. Thanks to PMM for bringing us all together for one huge showcase. See yall there.

  11. Wendy replied:

    I am glad that finally a promotional group pulled off something that alot of individuals in Austin have had the idea for years but because of lack of funds, connections,support, etc. never got it off the ground. PMM found a great back up of local supporters (web design, street teams, and hungry fans that love their Austin music) to bring this vision to life.
    Thanks guys for not giving up! The local bands that are playing are going to rock my face off!
    Can’t wait! Much Love!

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