What is the Best Burger in Austin?

After the success of discovering your favorite taco, we’re back again with another food related survey. This week we want know what your favorite burger in Austin is. Veg-heads, don’t shy away, there are some darn good veggie burgers in this town too and we want to hear about those as well (disclaimer, I happen to be a vegetarian so may actually be the only one who wants to know). As always, a random winner will be selected to win a pair of tickets to the show of their choice.


February 10, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Stephen replied:

    LOCAL :: P Terrys – Small, tasty, delightful

    CORPORATE :: Red Robin is usually pretty tasty.

  2. Juan replied:

    Any burger on the menu at Phil’s Ice House tickles my tummy!

  3. Ana replied:

    Tie between P. Terry’s and Mighty Fine

  4. Rachel replied:


  5. Mike B. replied:


  6. John Merriman replied:

    Dirty Martin’s!

  7. Erik G replied:

    Please don’t make me choose between Phil’s IceHouse, Mighty Fine, Burger Tex, Casino El Camino… Although, If I had my way, I’d magically resurrect Texas Showdown on Guadalupe for one last shot at ‘Happy Minutes’ and a burger.

  8. Kate replied:

    Jackalope, hands down.

    • Anonymous replied:

      Jackalope no doubt

  9. Bret replied:

    I have searched far and wide for the greatest burger in Austin. While there are plenty of good choices to be had (P. Terry’s, Sandy’s, Dan and Fran’s, Hilbert’s, etc.), hands down the best burger is at good old Casino El Camino. If anyone would like to disagree, meet me in the parking lot after school and we’ll fight it out.

  10. Summer replied:

    We’re frequenting Mighty Fine a little to often these days, but we can’t help it!

  11. Covert Curiosity replied:

    Theta Special at Hut’s is the answer.

    Fran’s on SoCo, Sandy’s, and Dirty Martin also serve a tasty burger.

  12. Stephen replied:

    Since I started off the whole problem by identifying places and not things, I will lead off the charge with specific burgers…

    P. Terry’s – the veggie burger and the standard cheeseburger are just fine by me, thank you. Small and tasty.

    Hut’s – Hut’s Favorite (#7)

    From the land of giant corporate entities…Red Robin has a Bleu Ribbon Burger that will likely leave you in a state of cardiac arrest. Tasty though.

    And of course for the insane, there’s the In ‘N Out 100×100 burger (100 patties and 100 slices of cheese), but I’ve never had one of these, nor do I plan to. http://tinyurl.com/d2mzvu

  13. April Riggs replied:

    Casino el Camino is my fave
    The Woodland has a tasty one
    P-Terry’s for “fast food”
    Threadgills for quick and easy (w/a tasty salad!)
    Park Side has a rocking good burger too!

  14. Joe replied:

    Casino El Camino!!!!

  15. Samm replied:

    veggie burger at p terry’s rocks my world

  16. John the Ski replied:

    Its a tough choice. but I think Jackalope gets it. Chipotle Bacon Cheeseburger.

  17. raquel replied:

    The zip code one at Phil’s!

  18. jimmy replied:

    In no particular order
    #1 Ski Shores—undiscovered secret, best in town!

    The rest are in no particular order:
    Casino El Camino
    Central Market (I’m almost embarassed to say)
    Maudies (What? a burger at a Mexican restaurant? Shocking, I know)
    Whataburger (I dont care what you say)

    • JD replied:

      Ski shores has a great burger I totally agree. However, the staff there are the biggest bunch of assholes on Lake Austin.

  19. guillermo replied:

    Casino el Camino. No question.

  20. Danger replied:

    Cheeseburger with Bacon, White, all the way from Mighty Fine

  21. Ryan C replied:

    Mighty Fine or Casino El Camino.

    Too bad we dont have Five Guys burgers here altho Mooyah’s is a close comparison.

  22. Sean Claes replied:

    I’m partial to Jackalope. It’s at least as good as El Camino but takea 1/4 the time to get to you. Hut’s and Freddie’s Place are also really good. Dirty Martins, and P Terry’s ain’t nothing to sneeze at. But for my $$ it’s Jackalope.

  23. jennyy replied:

    Dan’s double cheese burger!
    Hyde Park’s turkey burger w/ pesto!

  24. jennyy replied:

    AND to Ryan C. above….there’s a Five Guys on guadalupe!

  25. Alex Faris replied:

    casino or Dirty’s….Maybe the Horseshoe from Hyde park B&G(not sure if that qualifies)

  26. Noonie replied:

    Don’t hate — but I love building my burger at Fuddrucker’s (gasp!) with mayo, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, *pico*, and pickles. YUM. Plus cheese sauce for the fries. And the burgers at Crown & Anchor taste like the ones from a crusty old joint I used to go to as a kid. Ahhh, home… At Hut’s my burger is the Hut’s Favorite with chipotle mayo.

  27. Noonie replied:

    Holy crap, I almost forgot about Magnolia’s late-nite menu! The double-meat bacon burger drowned in a ladle of queso?? HELL YEAH.

  28. adi replied:

    Chili Cheese Burger at Hilbert’s

  29. Hayduke replied:

    Dan’s is by far the best. I’ve tried Casino El Camino and it’s all hype. Sure there is the fat patty but it’s an utterly flavorless patty of ground beef. Hyde Park Grill’s kobe beef burger is fantastic. Also on my list is Crown and Anchor, Hut’s, and Maudie’s

  30. jennyy replied:

    More for me…..Dirty’s OT Special w/ fried egg.

    Hut’s Arnold’s Best on wheat.

  31. jimmy replied:

    Whats all this talk about Phils Icehouse? NEver been there. I may have to go check it out for myself tonight.

  32. ian replied:

    Buffalo burger at El Camino
    Chipotle burger at Jackalope
    dirty martins
    burger tex is back on my list.

  33. Covert Curiosity replied:

    Fran’s > my stove > Dan’s

  34. Ben replied:

    Veggie burgers at Crown & Anchor Pub are my fave. Although P Terry’s comes in a close 2nd.

  35. rocks replied:

    casino el camino and the belmont get my vote.

  36. timmy replied:

    Phil’s ice house is the best. Places like Hut’s and Dirty’s have tradition but Phil’s is the best burger.
    Also you should try burgers at El Aroyo, they are spectacular.

  37. Barb w/ FunkyBatz replied:

    The Roaring Fork! They also have a 1/2 price or happy hour that makes this burger a great value as well!

  38. Brad replied:

    One word: Casino

  39. Jessica replied:

    “78704” burger at Phil’s for sure!

  40. polyphasic replied:

    Casino el Camino, no contest!

  41. Andrewaldenmiller replied:

    Casino El Camino. There really can’t be any doubt at all. There are lots of good burgers in town- none beat this place and few come close.

  42. DaniLaloca replied:


  43. Tracie replied:

    Everyone has already said T.Perry’s and Jackalope. Top Notch (R.I.P) was on my list. Maybe still is…

    But you know, I’m going way out on a limb and saying the Riata Bar and Grill has a decent burger. I’m telling you, it’s the jalepeno chedder bun that really makes it worth while. Give it a shot. It’s not to bad.

  44. Thomas replied:

    There are a ton of great burger’s in Austin, but Freddie’s Place takes the prize. Something about being outside in their big, shaded yard with a few cold beers makes it just squeeze past Hut’s and Phil’s Ice House for top spot.

  45. jamie replied:

    casino el camino hands down

  46. val replied:

    Dan’s & Burger Tex are my two favorites. Jackalope if I’m downtown.

    I used to love Casino burgers, but the last time we went there apparently we weren’t cool enough to be served food. We waited for 1.5 hours (they told us 45 mins), watching people who arrived after us eating their burgers. When we finally decided to cancel our order they assured us it would only be another 15 minutes. Yeah, right. Never again, Casino.

  47. Jennifer Barley replied:

    NORTH – Top Notch

    CENTRAL – Casino El Camino

    SOUTH – Umm…still waiting to find one south that is yummy…

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