How Do512 Does SXSW

I’ve been having a blast using our SXSW band list this past week and thought I’d share what I’ve been doing and how it works.

First, with 2500+ bands on our list (we’ve got all the unofficial bands too) it’s a bitch to know where to start. We’ve added some tools that let you sort by popularity (based on listens at and tags (again from

These help, and we have more on the way, but it’s still pretty daunting if you don’t read music blogs all day long.

So, we asked some of those music bloggers to make their suggestions.  Now, you easily can see who Gorilla vs. Bear thinks you should see, or Pitchfork, or the Austinist, our own Covert Curiosity, all the great latin bands recommended by Guanabee and a ton more (scroll down to see the full list).

You can also see a big list of all the bands recommended by these “all-stars” and who likes who.

I typically start with the full list, and:

  • Look for bands that I don’t recognize, but are highly recommended
  • Click the listen icon listen to open the player
  • Go back to work and listen for a while
    • If I love it, I go back and click “Add their shows to my schedule”
    • If I don’t, I don’t
  • Repeat, Repeat, Repeat and at the end of the day you’ve listened to some 20-30 great and not so great bands

In addition to finding great music, you’re putting yourself in a great position when SXSW gets here, b/c by clicking “Add their shows to my schedule”  Do512 will build you a custom schedule of all the  Official Showcases & Free Parties your bands are playing.  So by the time March 13 rolls around, you’ll be ready to rock.

Here is my list of bands so far – Now Go build your own, let us know what you think so far, and what else you’d like to see us add.

Here’s the full list of recommendors and their recommendations:


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