SXSW at The Longbranch

The Longbranch Inn dates back to 1934, when prohibition lifted in America. Today it is one of the most popular spots on the east side to hang out for a cocktail and some conversation. Though they only have live music occasionally, The Longbranch will be rocking almost non-stop next week with a bunch of free parties. They are located at 1133 E. 11th, right down the street from Victory Grill. Take a look at their coming attractions for the week of SXSW:

12AM Final Flash (Montreal, PQ)
11PM Krista Muir (Montreal, PQ)
10PM White Ghost Shivers (Austin, TX)

  • Thursday, March 19 (day)

Mt. Fuji Records party (approx. 1pm-9pm)
Past Lives (former Blood Brothers)
Telekinesis (Merge Records)
Tera Melos
Golden Boots (members of Beck’s band, backing Dr. Dog on tour this spring)
Little Brazil
Champagne Champagne (Seattle)
See Me River (Seattle)
Blacknite Crash (Seattle)

12 am Dri (Lawrence, KS)
11pm Silverghost (Detroit, MI)
10pm Crash Gallery (Austin, TX)
& Guests TBC

  • Friday, March 20 (day)

The Colonel / Douchemaster Records day party
The Hex Dispensers
Gentlemen Jesse and His Men
All Night Drug Prowling Wolves
Electric Shadows
The Ex-Humans
The Weight

12am Honky (Austin, TX)
11pm Moistboyz (Trenton, NJ/Travis County, TX)
10pm John Biz (Brooklyn, NY)
9pm Higgins (Brooklyn, NY)

  • Saturday, March 21 (day)

LimeWire/ Dualtone/ Redeye day party 1pm-4pm
3pm The Deep Vibration (Nashville, TN)
2:15pm Howe Gelb (Tucson, AZ)
1:30pm Peggy Sue ( Brighton/London, UK)

12am Black Diamond Bay (Montreal, PQ)
11pm The Juggs (Brooklyn, NY-Jaleel From TV On The Radio/Kareem from El-P’s band)
10pm Juarez (Phoenix, AZ)
9pm Ratking (Austin, TX-Mems. of Made Out Of Babies & Gorilla Biscuits)
8pm Whorehound (Houston, TX)


March 11, 2009. sxsw, Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. steve golab replied:

    If you are new to SXSW, you gotta check out the Longbranch. If you have been to SXSW before, you gotta check out the Longbranch. Just check it out. Very cool!

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