Weekly Survey: What was your favorite SXSW 2009 act or event?

We had a lull in survey questions over SXSW 2009, but we’re back and ready to give away more free tickets for more good answers. This week’s question is a no brainer. We simply want to know what the best act of SXSW was to you. Or the best party, best incident, best drunken sighting. Whatever! A random winner will be selected for a pair of free tickets to any show of their choice (that we have free tix to). There are lots of great shows coming up too, wouldn’t it be fun to have your pick of the litter?


March 25, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. k replied:

    One of the best for me was the Friday Blackberry Showcase at Cedar Street Courtyard. Beach House, Grizzly Bear & Dinosaur Jr.?! swoon.

  2. k-dawwwwg replied:

    Ulrich Schnauss rocked the house. Janes Addiction was brilliant. Metallica is an obvious one. Really wish I had caught M. Ward

  3. April Riggs replied:

    Man that’s a hard one-the Satellite Party show at Pangaea (Perry Farrell) was AH-MAZ-ING! Danced my ass off and was ready for more when it sadly ended!!

  4. Jaime Monzon replied:

    Silversun Pickups at Stubbs rocked the place. They were amazing. Glasvegas at Vice also was a great show.

  5. Lorena replied:

    I really enjoyed dave madden’s intimate show at the hideout on friday at 12.

  6. Jill replied:

    i would have to say the best free day show was for sure gorilla vs booze on thursday at the peacock…harlem, here we go magic, the golden filter, wavves, girls, white denim and vivian girls…..AMAZING LINEUP and great venue

  7. Danny Matson replied:

    Primal Scream had an awesome show at La Zona Rosa and is prolly my favorite show… since we couldn’t get in to Metallica.

  8. Laurie Lyons replied:

    I’m going to be very predictable. Best act: DJ Shadow (his only DJ performance of the year). Best party: Perez. Most definitely.

  9. Liz replied:

    The Scottish peeps rocked La Zona, especially Glasvegas!

  10. Mallory replied:

    Hands down the best show/sighting/crazy moment during the weekend was the iheartcomix showcase at Beauty Bar. Franki Chan and The Toxic Avenger were AMAZING! Best dance party was definitely the 2nd night at iheartcomix/Jelly NYC Texas Niteclub in the old Salvation Army building on South Lamar; Kid Cudi came through for a quick performance which made for a very memorable evening, or should I say morning since it ended around 4 a.m. Good times!

  11. D Davis replied:

    gringo star. the best.

  12. Dean replied:

    Futomomo Satisfaction at Opal Divine’s

  13. jennyy replied:

    Only saw a few shows, but by far Big Boi! He’s the shit!

  14. Fowler replied:

    Blind Pilot at Submerged.

    Snuck in after getting tired of the atrocious line at Purevolume, and ended up seeing what I thought was the best act of SXSW.

  15. George replied:

    SXSW for me is always about finding that new gem. Every festival I am surprised by at least one band I have never heard of, and they really change up some of my views on music. This year that band was VALIANT THOR @ the Rusty Spurs. Absolutely fantastic. Buzzsaw metal with a concience. FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!

  16. Andrew replied:

    Pocahaunted @ Mrs. Beas or Pre @ Mohawk.

  17. Covert Curiosity replied:

    Jane’s Addiction
    Mike Relm
    White Denim

  18. dcgrrrl replied:

    two words: Janelle Monae
    doesn’t matter where or when. She brought it.
    that is all.

  19. greendreams replied:

    future of the left killed at maggie mae’s wednesday.
    janelle monae. stellar. every time.
    little boots rocked emo’s annex.

  20. Sweet John replied:

    While walking in to Pure Volume House on Saturday night a guy was talking to one of the security people from Direct Events. He told him “It’s in your best interest to let me in…” I had to walk in rather quickly after hearing that as I could not stop laughing… It was literally about 15 minutes of laughter… Who says that!

  21. Ted replied:

    The whole foods bathroom proved to be the best moment for me. No wristband required.

  22. laura replied:

    Seeing Turbowolf from Bristol, England 3 times within 24 hours, they rule!!!!!!!! They played with Gallows at Dirty Dog for a day show. Gallows=amazing. Free beer, friends, fun throughout and wrapping it up with Crank County Daredevils!!!

  23. Jon replied:

    Glasvegas, and The Hold Steady.

    Biggest surprise? A late night stumble into Nunos to find
    this kid playing a mean blues guitar.
    Brandon Scott Sellner. That Minnesota boy was pretty talented.

  24. tracy replied:

    I had the most fun at a Bushwalla show at the Hilton Garden: he’s a goof! But sheer joy was had as well at the Perry Farrell’s showcase. Metallica was also very cool.

  25. Elizabeth replied:

    Guerro’s had Trent Turner and the Moontowers. Has anyone seen these guys? Where did they come from? I’m FROM Austin and I’ve never…but now that I know. They took me back to my senior year listening to Santana Albums and B.B. King on 6th St. Trent is amazing, the way he draws you in, I felt like I was in his skin. He is a really passionate artist. O. K. I’m 50 but this guy and his band are my new favorite. Hey, Wertheimer! Can we get ’em in The Continental Club! I think they live right down the street!

  26. Larry replied:

    Ok, if it’s finding the hidden gem, you can’t really top blues-y cellist Ben Sollee, a last minute fill-in for Superdrag!

  27. em replied:

    My favorite new discovery this year was Elvis Perkins in Deerland. How did I not know about these guys before?

  28. David replied:

    I saw some great music, hard to pick exactly one but here are a few:
    The Beauvilles – from Tampa, great modern glam rock, saw them at the Wednesday yard dog party and the Wave on Saturday night.

    Spindrift – compound 14hr party on Thursday.

    Dead Confederate – at the Do512 party.

    The Vandelles – actually first at Psychfest then at this wild friday nite party at Bill’s Place on E Caesar Chavez.

    Great sxsw, spent all of $20 and recorded about 30 bands

  29. david replied:

    No wonder they were chosen BEST NEW BAND!

  30. Ian Morales replied:

    The best new gem I discovered was a band from Ireland called “We Should Be Dead”. It’s very 80s Go Gos style pop, but it was great for its genre. The other banda I liked that I saw were the Cancer Bats and The Devil Wears Prada.

  31. Liddy Congdon-Martin replied:

    I went to Road House Rags after missing The Flatcar Rattlers 2 times for other cool SXSW music. . . I wish I had seen all their shows. That’s some good bluegrass!
    The Yard Dog shows were also epic.

  32. Jennifer replied:

    Pere and The Pirates. Incredibly addictive tunes and all around nice guys too. Saw them 5 times during the festival 🙂

  33. Jon replied:

    The Gay Blades- amazing duo during an early non-sxsw show at the Troubadour at 7pm on friday badass!

    Beauvilles- sort of a T-rex rock and roll band on the Wave rooftop at 1am on Saturday, I thought the singer was going to fall over the balcony.

    the Wild Beasts – RAF british vocal harmonies and dark new wave angular music. Haunting and sexy at the SXSJ day party

  34. Ubu replied:

    Future of the Left : killed every time.

    PJ Harvey : well worth the wait for her to come to town

    The Homosexuals : not know what I was getting into, I got something I’ll never forget

  35. adi replied:

    Metallica, Jane’s Addiction, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Thermals, American Analog Set, Ladyhawke, Monotonix, Shout Out Out Out, The Wrens, Daniel Johnston, Here We Go Magic, Young Widows, Akron/Family, Aaron Blount, Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers, Vivian Girls

  36. Elliot replied:

    The Creme De La Creme party at Malverde was unbelievably awesome. Raekwon, Cool Kids, Kidz in the Hall, BoB, Blu, Mickey Factz, Pac Div, U-N-I. The only problem was they were not letting ANYONE in, even with an RSVP.

  37. alison replied:

    Blind Pilot at Club Deville.
    Pains of Being Pure At Heart @ Emo’s.
    Ra Ra Riot @ Radio Room.
    BLK JKS @ the Parish.
    Heartless Bastards @ Stubbs.

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