Do512 Wants To Know Your Favorite Austin Happy Hour

Do512 isn’t just here to tell you about great music, shows, theater, and art you know. We are also your one stop shop for Austin happy hours and nightly drink specials. We scour the bars and restaurants constantly to make sure we have the most up to date info and that we always tell you the dirt cheapest deals out there.

We want to keep making the information on our site better for you, so we now want to know what YOUR favorite happy hours are in town. We’ll even bribe you by giving away free tickets randomly to those of you who answer.


April 2, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Emily replied:

    Doc’s Backyard
    Little Woodrow’s

  2. Beth replied:

    Four Seasons has a killer new HH… also love me some Cissi’s Wine Bar.

  3. Joah replied:

    Maiko on W. 6th on Sundays…great prices on Sake bombs and sushi. Ate and drank (heavily) there with three others for under $40 a few weeks ago.

  4. Sarah replied:

    McCormick & Schmick’s. So cheap and delicious!!!!

  5. Annie replied:

    Zuzu on Bee Caves has great margaritas and free chips and queso. Both taste even better on the patio.

  6. Shelley replied:

    Romeo’s Happy Hour – $5 pizzas and $5 martinis!

  7. Lorena replied:

    Freddie’s: $2 margaritas
    Red House Lounge – 1/2 prize delicious pizzas
    Cover 3 – nice patio, kinda swanky, $3 off apps
    219 West

  8. Krishelle replied:

    Paggi House has an awesome hh on a pretty day. Also love 219 West and Imperia (two for one sushi and don’t miss the sea bass skewers).

  9. Lyssa replied:

    Four Seasons new happy hour is badass, as is Ruth’s Chris half-off apps!

  10. Jennifer replied:

    Rio’s Brazilian on Trinity in between 5th and 6th has great appetizers for cheap. The best item though are the Ciaparinis, a Brazilian drink for $5. They are awesome!

  11. Lisa replied:

    $1 Tecates on Monday Nights at NOMAD
    $1 Miller High Life Tuesday Nights at The Saloon

  12. Alaina replied:

    TRIO Four Seasons is the best by far! Half price apps & wine Mon-Sat 5-8pm!!!

  13. Teel replied:

    I love Z Tejas for their delicious mango margarita’s, mojito’s, and their 1\2 price apps. Other great happy hour spots are Nomad’s, Freddie’s and South Congress Cafe! Have a very Happy Hour!

  14. Tim replied:

    Sherlocks..weekdays until 9p and all day Sunday
    Kona Grill…2 HH times, great prices and half price apps!
    219 West HH until 9p with 1/2 price apps
    Trio at 4 Seasons..until 8p
    Molotav (spelling) on West 6th..HH until 9
    Little Woodrows anywhere
    6 Lounge on weekdays until 9p with 1/2 price apps
    Enough or do you need more?…lol

  15. Ski replied:

    The do512 happy hours during the nice warm months on Fridays.

  16. Ryan C replied:

    Crown & Anchor
    McCormick & Schmick’s
    Kona Grill

  17. Emily replied:

    Cork & Co on Congress! $5 glasses of wine and cheese plates!

  18. Kyle replied:

    (1) Sullivan’s on Thursdays (and Tuesdays, too, I believe). $5 martinis, including their signature “knockout,” and cheap, good wine, and 1/2 priced bar food, including an amazing burger (very very cheap), meat loaf sliders, etc. The food is GREAT, the atmosphere is really nice, and the servers and bartenders remember you after 2 times in.
    (2) Peche. Sunday nights: $5 Pernod absinthe and $5 sandwiches (more than 50% off, and some of the best French gastro-pub food around). Every night, $5 ice cream drinks. And, they’re starting 25 cent (yes, 25 cent!) select martinis during lunch (limit 2, which is more than I can drink normally).
    (3) Logan’s on 6th. Go in during the week–I dare you! They have a nice pub-food happy hour menu with good draft beer specials. Very chill; great place to watch Monday Night Football in the fall.
    (4) The Tap Room at Six. Tues-Thurs. 1/2 price food until 7; $2 tap beers and $3 mixed drinks until 9 Tues.-Fri!

  19. Adam replied:

    219 West – 1/2 price apps Mon-Sat w/ great drink prices
    Trio – Best new HH with 1/2 price wine by the glass
    Opal Devines – $3 100% Agave Margaritas
    Joe’s Bar and Grill – different great HH every night

  20. Jessica replied:

    MUGSHOTS!!!! Friday, 5-8, $4 Lonestar Pitchers OR $10 for a pitcher and two shots of jager. My favorite…

  21. Hemi replied:

    Wahoos – Power Hour 5-7 during the summer. Draft beer cost what ever the highest temp of the day is so you’re looking a buck and some change.

    219 West – 1/2 off apps and weekly drink night specials

    Trio Four Season – 1/2 off apps

    Peche – Sunday; 1/2 off specialty absinthe drinks and $5 sandwiches.

  22. Lauren replied:

    Blue Dhalia recently started a hh– good prices on wine, beer and food.
    Red House- cheap and delicious pizza ’till 7pm
    Aquarelle if you want something a little more upscale

  23. Randy replied:

    219 West is my favorite by far. They have a $12 wine flight – 5 different wines (generally 2 red & 3 white) with something in common. The flight changes weekly. They have a HUGE selection of 1/2 priced appetizers ranging from mini-corndogs and several variations on slider burgers to beef carpaccio and ceviche. Good stuff!

  24. Mei replied:

    Uchi, M-F 5-7, $3 unfiltered sake, daily special priced dishes during happy hour
    Fino M-F 4-7 beer $1-$3 and cheap appetizers. They have a nice patio outside.
    Sagra M-F 4-7, half off pizza and $2-$4 beer.
    Belmont, M-F 4-7, half off appetizers

  25. Fabulousdrinksaustin replied:

    Fino and Trio! Have yet to try III Forks,it is on the list!

  26. Fabulousdrinksaustin replied:

    Sorry, misspelled my site. I’ll try this again, Fino and Trio. III forks is on the list.

  27. denise cassier replied:

    TRIO at the Four Seasons has the best Happy Hour.1/2 price appetizers and wine by the glass. It is fantastic!

  28. Jennifer Barley replied:

    Tiniest Bar in Texas – $2.50 wells, $1.50 lonestar pints, $5.00 lone star pitchers!!!


    Trudys – Tops Shelf Tuesdays – Top Shelf Mexican Martinis for house prices…

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