Matisyahu & Les Claypool w/ Dub Trio Tuesday @ Austin Music Hall

Matthew Paul Miller, AKA Matisyahu, blew onto the music radar with a fury in 2005 when he received the good fortune to join Trey Anastasio on stage during a Phish show at Bonnarroo. Since then he has been building his own brand of “American Hasidic Jewish reggae”, a title of music that he may be the sole bearer of. I’ve never heard of another America Hasidic Jewish reggae performer myself at least. Since his rapid rise on the scene in support of his first studio effort, “Shake Off the Dust… Arise”, Matisyahu has released one other studio album, “Youth” and is currently touring in prep for his latest release due out August 25th, “Light”. A fun fact about Matisyahu, he recorded a very popular live album here in town at Stubb’s.

While Matisyahu is relatively new to the music scene, if 5 or 6 years is considered new to you people, Les Claypool has been tearing it up for his hardcore legion of fans since the 80’s. Best known for his bass work in the freaky rock band, Primus, Claypool went on to have a super successful solo career in between his time with the band. Claypool is a master on stage and will bring out a performance that is not to be missed. There is a reason he has such loyal and rabid fan base.

What we’re telling you here is that this is a show you best attend. It’ll be a memorable, great show. If you’re tight on the ol’ cashola, Do512 has three pairs of freebies up for grabs for you folks. Alls you gots to do is give the show a vote.


June 7, 2009. Uncategorized.

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