Fastball w/the Black and White Years at Republic Square Park: June 10

Originating in Austin in 1994, Fastball is making strides to get back in the spotlight they once enjoyed after the release of their platinum album, “All the Pain Money Can Buy,” in 1998. The pop-rock trio plans to grasp listeners’ attention with a free concert at Republic Square Park on June 10th. While the event promotes their new album, “Little White Lies,” it also contains a green element: solar power. Presented by Blue Dog Rescue, the concert series advocates “pollution free” music by utilizing massive panels to generate energy. The gates open at 5pm in the heart of downtown at 422 Guadalupe. The opening act, The Black and White Years, are slated to begin shortly after 5:30pm.
So use the cash you saved by not paying to see Fastball and start your pregame by enjoying a few cervezas in the park. Who knows, you might even relive your walk-man-head-banging days if the band decides to play “The Way.” Who doesn’t remember that catchy chord progression? But if you are a little skeptical of Fastball’s new tunes, take the following review into account:
“Their songs sound new and refreshing, freeing themselves from the tags often found with artist trying to recollect the spark of a once shining career. Unlike fellow 90’s standouts Third Eye Blind, who recently found their way back to music, Fastball has reinvented itself into something substantial, instead of grasping tightly to the fame, while gasping for their last breathe of exposure.”  – Pop Wreckening


June 8, 2009. Uncategorized.

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