Fuzz Club “Here Comes Summer” Beach Party ft. The Sir Finks, The Thunderchiefs, DJ Sue & DJ Gregg

Grab your floral one-pieces, oversized sunglasses, and Kenny Chesney straw hats (not really), and head down to the Fuzz Club “Here Comes Summer” Beach Party Saturday night, June 13, at the Scoot Inn & Bier Garten.  Always landing on the second Saturday of the month, Austin’s only monthly 60s psychedelic shibby-fest features unique bands and a hip vibe.  And what better band to kick off the shindig than the The Sir Finks?  This garage/surf band lays down light and groovy chords with a Sublime-esque charm.  With the Austin band’s new album, “Delsurde, Texas” featured on gethip.com, The Sir Finks appear to be one of the hottest rising bands in the ‘surf rock’ genre.  Another performing act at the Fuzz Club’s Beach Party, The Thunderchiefs, rock out in similar surf style.  Signed to Wormtone Records, The Thunderchiefs cite The Astronauts, Dick Dale and the Deltones, Bobby Fuller Four, and the Ventures among some of their musical influences.  While the Thunderchiefs don’t sound much like the mainstream 1960s hit bands (Rolling Stones, The Temptations, The Beatles), you will still be able to get groovy babay, yeah!  And let’s not forget the Fuzz Club’s hostess: DJ Sue.  Notorious for her party time antics and uncanny beats, DJ Sue left Austin for L.A. but wised up and came back! DJ Sue was awarded with the “Best Free-Range DJ 2002” by the Austin Chronicle and is sure to impress.  So bust out that tacky beachwear that has been sitting in the bottom of your closet since the Cruisin’ USA party  your Freshman year in college and come to the Scoot Inn this Saturday night.  Shoot us the “I Like It” thumb’s up and you could win free tickets!  Otherwise, pay the miniscule fee of $6 to have your mind blown by the sound waves of the two hot surf rock bands, The Sir Finks and The Thunderchiefs.  Sunscreen (SPF 30+) is also encouraged…it’s gonna get toasty.


June 11, 2009. Uncategorized.

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