T-Bird & The Breaks, The Soldier Thread, Love at War @ Antone’s

T-Bird and The Breaks, The Soldier Thread, and Love at War will be rockin’ out at Antone’s on 5th Street this Friday night, June 12.  All three bands are from Austin and have developed local followings, respectively.  Releasing their debut album- “Learn About It”- here in 2009, T-Bird and the Breaks exude a hip, almost Broadway- rock sound with 11 total members.  With quick snare drum fills, jazzy guitar riffs, walking bass, multiple brass tones, and layered vocals, T-Bird and his bro’s seem to be on the right track toward stardom.  Understandably so, T-Bone claims: “I know I should be looking for a job, but it sounds too much like work to me.”  Another band with a unique style, The Soldier Thread, will be performing Friday night at Antone’s.  The Soldier Thread maintains an Indie rock sound, even incorporating a viola into their music.  Described as being “well rehearsed,” Soldier Thread, signed to Sea Change Records, will naturally entertain the crowd.  Pop-rock band, Love at War, will also be gracing the stage at Antone’s.  From producer Dwight Baker (Kelly Clarkson, Bob Schneider) comes Love at War: a fresh band with relatively untapped potential.  Once again, give this event your approval and you may win free tickets!


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