Gumb, Ryan Harkrider, Johnny Goudie, Dan Dyer, Fared Shafinury, Jess Klein @ Momo’s

On Wednesday, June 17, Momo’s will host Gumb, Ryan Harkider, Johnny Goudie, Dan Dyer, Fared Shafinury and Jess Klein.  Check it out here.  Starting at 6 pm, Gumb, the lyrical/soul artist will convey his poetic skills over smooth, cool, jazzy beats.  A current resident of New Orleans, Gumb has been working hard on his poetry since 2005.  He is currently working in the studio, recording his first album called “Tha Chosen 1.”  Gumb claims “most of my stuff is about love,” so go show him some at Momo’s on Wednesday.  After Gumb’s performance, Ryan Harkrider will go on stage at 7 pm.  This acoustic/folk rock artist sings songs that the listener is easily able to connect to.  An Austin native, Ryan Harkrider also leads his band, The Nightowls.  Although it will just be a solo performance at Momo’s, with Ryan, that always seems to do more than suffice.  At 8pm Johnny Goudie & the Little Champions will take over the mic and the audience’s interest.  The Cuban-American singer/songwriter has been active in the music industry since 1990.  Johnny’s pop rock tendencies are nuanced with an intimate element, thus very appropriate for the Momo’s event on Wednesday night.  Perhaps the most well known of the various artists performing is Dan Dyer.  Another Austin guy, Dan Dyer mixes elements of gospel, funk, and jazz to create a unique and melodic sound.  His soulful voice and large vocal range lends to Dyer’s intriguing style.  Dan Dyer is scheduled to perform from 9:45-11:00.  Shortly after, Fared Shafinury, the Iranian-American musician will take the stage.  Living in Tehran, Iran as well as Austin, Fared Shafinury is greatly influenced by Persian classical music and performs his own unique brand of innovative indie rock.  Lastly, Jess Klein will perform at midnight.  This beautiful, short-haired blonde first started writing songs with an acoustic guitar while living in Jamaica during her teenage years and hasn’t looked back since.  Klein’s talent has not gone unnoticed and she has produced an impressive 8 albums thus far.  One critic aptly describes this rising musician: “Jess Klein grabs an emotional subject, wrestles it to the ground, makes it cry or moan with passion, then rises demurely, dusts herself off, and gives the audience a big, sweet grin.  We’ve seen the future and it is Jess.” Don’t forget to click “I Like It!” for a show at some free tickets!

Here’s your cheat sheet:

6pm- GumB- $5.  // 7 pm- Ryan Harkrider- $5. //  8 pm- Johnny Goudie & the Little Champions- $5 //  9:45 pm- Dan Dyer- $7 //  11 pm- Fared Shafinury- $5 // 12 am- Jess Klein- $7


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