Goran Bregovic Photo Recap

What a night we had last night at Goran Bregovic. We hope that some of you made it by to check out a great night of gypsy-Eastern Europian music at Bass Concert Hall. We gave you the rundown on Bregovic before the show, so we won’t repeat the details. The crowd last night really said it all. The hardcore fans, which we were told drove in from all over the state for this show, were up on their feet grooving out the entire time. But by the end of the night 100% of the room was having a full out party, up on their feet, dancing and clapping and hugging and singing. It truly was a phenomenal thing to watch. We’ve got to thank the University of Texas Performing Arts Center for bringing Bregovic to Austin for us. We also want to thank Ed Lehmann for once again supplying us with some fantastic photos.

More Goran Bregovic Photos


June 18, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Masha replied:

    It was awesome!

  2. Catherine replied:

    His live shows are AMAZING.
    Had the pleasure of seeing him here in Toronto.
    Photos -http://www.flickr.com/photos/catekustanczi/

    Interviewed him too!
    Will gladly share link when it’s up.

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