7 Reasons to Go To Beerland (6/19 & 6/20)

Come on down to 711 Red River Street this weekend for a total of 7 bands in two nights!  Beerland boasts $5 shows most of the time.  Oh wait, no…all the time.  Not only does the rock ‘n roll club maintain a $5 per show flat rate, but it also has loud music, cheap beer, fine liquor, pool tables, and arcade games.  Beerland’s only rule is pretty simple: you must love music.  I’m sure you could probably bluff the door guy if you don’t.  Called “easily the best live music bar downtown” by one reviewer, the land ‘o beers venue is hosting Dikes of Holland, The Mean Spirits, and Holy Wave this Friday night, June 19.  The freestyle/emotronic band, Dikes of Holland, is from Austin and should be a great way to get the energy flowing while the draught beers start to flow as well.  The Mean Spirits play with a different style- more psychedelic rock.  If you were wondering, they sound like “a pack of methed up unicorns on a laser guided killing spree.”  If you need more a more psychedelic description than that…well, sorry, it’s impossible.  The third and final band to perform on Friday night at Beerland is Holy Wave.  This grunge rock band from Austin cites the Valentines and the Velvet Underground as its primary influences.  Show us some love and you could win free tickets!  Friday night should be a rockin’ one but Saturday certainly does not fall short as Harlem, Sex Advice, Cruddy, and The Black Shirts are scheduled to perform.  Harlem, a “thrash” band from Austin, has an edgy groove and plays songs titled “Psychadelic Tits” and “I’m On Drugs.”  And if you are a little  frustrated, come get some Sex Advice.  No, but seriously, the punk/Americana band Sex Advice is also from Austin and should provide an outlet for your frustration due to the lack of rock in your life.  Also on the Saturday night Beerland schedule is Cruddy, the experimental band, also from Austin.  Cruddy plays songs titled “Berlin Wall,” “Running Rats,” and “Ready Set Let Go.”  Go check ’em out!  Lastly, The Black Shirts will play at the friendly-staffed Beerland.  The Black Shirts is a folk rock/comedy/gothic band from Austin and will be sure to entertain.  Click here for a chance to win free tickets!  Another great thing about Beerland’s set up is that if it gets too muggy inside from the void of boredom and the presence of tasty rock ‘n roll riffs, you can just step outside to the chill atmosphere of the patio.  “The truest venue in town,” Beerland will surely be rockin’ hard this weekend.  The question is: will you be there too?

P.S. Remember…music lovers only.  Hey, we don’t make the rules!


June 19, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Anonymous replied:

    Beerland is great, but the author of this article definitely hasn’t been there. There hasn’t been a pool table or video games in that place in years. Furthermore, Dikes of Holland are about as “emotronic” as “Harlem” is “Thrash”. If your trying to write a bullshit article to make it look like you have a functional website and/or to obtain freelance PR cred, I suggest listening to the bands you’re writing about rather than just pulling descriptions from their Myspace profiles(which are obviously jokes) if you want people to take you seriously.

    • do512 replied:

      Sorry for the incorrect information that upset you. We have a new intern who is still learning the ropes with us and we gave him free reign over our blog. We work extremely hard on our website and spend a lot of time putting together useful information for our users. Our blog is a small extension of our site. We certainly do not wish to have incorrect or “bullshit” information. We are actually huge fans of Beerland over here.

      Unfortunately a young kid tried to write about a topic he was not familiar with, as he is new to town and just experiencing Austin for the first time. We brought him on to give him an opportunity to get his feet wet in the Austin music scene and we think for the most part he is doing a good job. You do raise a good point though and we will be sure to make sure the topics written about in the future are ones that he is more familiar with. He actually does listen to each and every band that he writes about, learning how to express that is maybe an acquired taste he hasn’t mastered.

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