Bettysoo- Austin Chronicle Covergirl- @ Momo’s Tonight!



With rising star, Bettysoo: “there’s a little gospel, some straight-ahead folk, a bit of twang, and maybe even a familiar oldie with a new twist. Be ready for a surprise.”  Maybe it is the surprise element that is landing Bettysoo the widespread attention around Austin lately (on front page of The Austin Chronicle this week).  Or maybe it’s her notorious song writing abilities.  Bettysoo has won awards for Kerrville New Folk, Wildflower Festival, and Big Top Chautauqua Songwriter of the Year.  Or maybe it’s her extremely clear and vibrant live vocals.  Well, either way you will get a chance to catch her live- tonight at Momo’s at 8:15pm!  A miniscule 7 bucks will give you entry to check out one of the hottest new folk rock stars at one of the hippest music clubs on 6th street.  Charlie Faye, Matt Powell, and James Hyland will also be performing at Momo’s- after Bettysoo.  Oh, and if you were wondering, Bettysoo is her actual name.  ‘Soo’ is also her father’s middle name!  The Asian-American performer is truly unique with both her sound and look.  Show us here at Do512 that you like Bettysoo at Momo’s and you could win free tickets!


June 19, 2009. Uncategorized.

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