Quiet Company w/ The Mercers, Zookeeper, & Wiretree

Quiet Company, The Mercers, Zookeeper, Wiretree @ Antone's

Quiet Company, The Mercers, Zookeeper, Wiretree @ Antone's

Austin indie music lovers unite!  This Friday night, June 26, Quiet Company, The Mercers, Zookeeper, & Wiretree will rock the stage at Antone’s.  RSVP for a FREE 9 track EP with songs from all four bands!  But wait, that’s not all you get when you RSVP- it also comes with an opportunity to win one of the three pairs of free tickets.  And in true infomercial style: that’s not all!  If you click “Get Tickets” and use the coupon code ‘QUIETDEAL’ tickets are 50% off.  To not take advantage of this RSVP opportunity would be like turning down free 50-yard line season tickets in the new Dallas Cowboys stadium.  Well, maybe not that stupid, but you get the point.

Quiet Company

Quiet Company

Upon the release of their new album, “Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon,” Quiet Company will be looking to impress the crowd.  Driven by joyful piano and dynamic rock turns, Quiet Company has certainly found its song writing niche.  Indeed, the band’s “vocals float over big hooks that would make Paul McCartney proud.” -CreativeLoafing.com.

Along side Quiet Company at Antone’s on Friday night is fellow indie band, The Mercers.  These avant-garde musicians incorporate traditional elements of country/western music such as the steel guitar into their usual pop style.  The Mercers also utilized the trumpet and organ on their ‘Hovercraft’ EP.  Remember to RSVP and you can get a free taste of The Mercers’ music, compliments of Do512!

Zookeeper, yet another Austin indie act, will also show up at Antone’s on Friday night (or at least we hope).  Zookeeper is the name that Chris Simpson, singer and songwriter, chose after the dissolution of his previous bands, The Gloria Record and Mineral.  Frequently inviting friends to the studio to perform his songs, Chris Simpson certainly maintains a lax approach when playing and recording music.  Check him out Friday night if you don’t believe us!  Or even if you do.

Lastly, Wiretree will be performing at Antone’s beside the aforementioned bands on Friday night.  The indie pop rock band cites George Harrison and Elliot Smith as some of its influences.  Kevin Peroni, Wiretree’s frontman, has certainly impressed some critics: “Wiretree’s sound is so big, your ears would have a hard time believing it was the work of just one man…” – Who Needs Radio.

So, as your Momma always told you when you got a birthday invitation in the mail as a child: don’t you forget to RSVP– you may regret it later!


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