Show Us Your Tube @ Submerged- Wednesday nights *Happy Hour Specials All Night*

Every Wednesday night at 9pm Submerged will be hosting a YouTube video contest.  Show us Your Tube!  Each contestant enters up to 5 videos which will be judged under the framework of 3 categories: Funniest, Most Originial, and Best Music Video.  You can either enter an original video or just scrounge up a favorite, like an Animal Planet video with a dog jumping off a boat into  the water and dragging a shark to shore.  The hip new lounge, Submerged, will be the best facilitator for this event as the videos will be displayed on 50” flat screens!

But probably the best part of the contest is the cheap drinks.  Happy hour specials will be running all night- with $3 well drinks and domestics.  While Submerged is not meant to connote a liquor drowned mind, sometimes it just happens (especially with those drink prices!).  So what are you waiting on?  RSVP to to secure your place in the contest.  You can also RSVP the night of the show if you get to Submerged before 9.  So either start creating or start searching.  You don’t want to come in with the same video as someone else!

Here is the video we would enter if we were playing, feel free to steal, its freaking hilarious!


June 23, 2009. Uncategorized.

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