2009 Vans Warped Tour w/ Henry Rollins and Special Guests

Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins

On July 4th the 2009 Vans Warped Tour presents Henry Rollins with special guests Gallows, Mock Tigers, and Born to Lose at Emo’s.  Active since 1980, Henry Rollins has done everything from rock stages with his 80s punk band, Black Flag, to campaign for human rights in the United States.  The stout singer/songwriter, spoken-word artist, and publisher has even penetrated the media.  Rollins has hosted radio shows and television shows, such as Jackass and MTV’s 120 minutes.  And you, yeah you, have the chance of seeing this guy live at Emo’s on our nation’s Independence celebration!

But that’s not all as Gallows, the English punk rock band will also perform.  Recently signed to Warner Bros. Records, Gallows has played in South by Southwest, Warped Tour 2007, and various other acclaimed festivals across the country.  You can even play their single, “In the Belly of a Shark,” on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.



More punk rockers are on the schedule, including Mock Tigers and Born to Lose.  Mock Tigers have been described as “Brooding, sexy, neo-new wave with enough crunch to satisfy even the hardest rockers” while Born to Lose “combines beer-drenched vocals, sing-along choruses and high voltage guitar licks to create fist pumping anthems that make you remember why you fell in love with punk rock in the first place.” http://www.myspace.com/mocktigers http://www.myspace.com/borntolose Both bands are from Austin and should serve as perfect compliments for both Gallows and Henry Rollins.

So, don’t forget to mark Emo’s down as your plan for July 4th.  I doubt you want Henry Rollins coming after you! (See above picture for a reminder why)


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