Caleb Does 512 – Massive Intent’s Future Fest

Boy oh boy if you missed Future Fest June 27th out at Travis County Expo Center, you really missed out on one of the most awesome nights of the year, no competition. I (Kristin) was unfortunately unable to make it out that night, but after watching this amazing video I could not be more disappointed that I missed out. Divas, the next Massive Intent show, will NOT be missed! As always, a special thanks to Caleb Does for the awesome video footage

From Emmett (the videographer): “Future Fest electronic music festival (See: rave) was a hell of a lot of fun. That’s saying a lot from me, as the only other rave I went to I left after about an hour and read a book in my car until the people I went with showed up. Maybe this was better because it was in Austin and everyone we met was super nice and cool? Future Fest was thrown by Massive Intent, who have another show called Divas coming up in September, also at the Travis County Expo Center. Thanks to Massive Intent and, of course, Do512, for hooking us up with the employee wristbands which let us get all the cool on stage footage : )”


July 15, 2009. Uncategorized.

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  1. Sara replied:

    I haven’t partied since 2000 and Future Fest has given me what I missed so much. The mass amount of people that were all happy and having the time of there life was great.

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