An Apology from Dos XX – The Most Interesting Academy

This afteroon, a statement was released to us on behalf of Dos XX for us to share with all of you who had a bad experience at Dos XX The Most Interesting Academy Party Wednesday night.  Below is the official word. Feel free to leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts.

On behalf of Dos Equis, we would once again like to apologize to everyone who did not get into the event or who had a bad experience Wednesday night and let you know we are taking full responsibility for the disorganization.

Although we know it’s impossible to alleviate the frustration felt by all, whether you had to wait in line for hours or were turned away after finally getting there, we know we owe you an honest explanation.

In keeping with producing the most unique events for the brand we selected the Falkenstein castle location. We thought only a limited number of people might take the long drive out there on a Wednesday night. Therefore, we heavily promoted the event to ensure we filled the venue, which unfortunately resulted in a RSVP list far greater than the capacity of the venue. A crowd much larger than we were prepared to handle, showed up at both the Austin bus pick up location and at the castle. Consequently, this all led to a horrible experience for hundreds of people and ruined their entire evening. And for all of this, we are truly, truly sorry.

We have spent the past two days reading each and every email, blog, and Facebook posting, and talking to some of you on the phone and we feel terrible.  We are working hard to find a way to show you how sorry we are (while working within Texas alcohol beverage law which severely limits what companies can provide to consumers).

Therefore, in an effort to show how important you are to us, we are planning a special event (think of it as a Most Interesting Apology Party) for all those on the guestlist who had a bad experience and were not able to make it into the castle. Obviously planning the details and logistics of this event will take a little time, so we’ll work closely with the promoters to keep you in the loop, and further details will be shared next week. If you would like to attend this event please email the promoter that invited you, and they’ll make sure you get a ticket.

If you have ever attended any of our previous events, you know we always try to give you the best experience possible, and we hope you accept our apology. If there is anything you would like to share, please email me at


Kheri Tillman

VP, Dos Equis

Heineken USA


July 18, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Adam replied:

    I think this a great place to start as long as the planning goes into this.

  2. 512chapastyle replied:

    First & foremost, if those who RSVPd would have received a confirmation. You would have known well in advance the capacity had been reached. The people at the gate should have had open communication with staff at the Shuttle areas. More so, the event was held at a CASTLE with FOUR ACRES of land! Improvise!!!

  3. Mark replied:

    Awesome another party! I had a great time. Clearly they thought that only a fraction of the people who RSVPd would show and that lead to the trouble. Had Do512 been the onesthrowing it I’m sure it would have gone perfectly as you guys know Austin and know that people in Austin will travel for a bad ass party with free beer.

    To the people that blamed you guys at do512: people do512 promotes every single event in Austin!!! Had they not listed the info everyone would claim do512 is out ofthe loop not knowing about such a huge party. It’s clearly Dos Equis fault for not hiring an organizer that knows the Austin market. Plus all the do512 parties have been flawless in their execution.

    Looking forward to the next Dos Equis party. Clearly the next one should be ticketed and only give tickets that equal capacity. Had they done that it would have been the party of the year. Thanks Dos Equis, appology accepted.

  4. Ajay M. replied:

    To their credit, they’ve taken this whole thing very seriously. But I don’t know what good it would do to throw another party. Weird. I guess they feel they have to appease the angry party peoples.

  5. Anonymous replied:

    umm. I had a fun. People knew the rsvp list was WELL over capacity. They were told to get there early and they should have listened.

    • Anonymous replied:

      I was at the bus stop at 4:30…first one in line for the bus that never came…would’ve been on the last one if it hadn’t been for a certain guy with clip board and fog horn thinking with his groin and letting girls cut the line. So there were people who did listen, followed the rules and almost died of a heat stroke in the process, glad you had fun though, quit reading the apology.

  6. ha replied:

    Hey anonymous.. We did. I showed up probably earlier than you–right at 6 and still didn’t get in. The only regret I have is following the rules.

    • Anonymous replied:

      I’m actually very impressed with this response. I think how a company deals with a bad situation says a lot about it.

  7. Janet replied:

    We were totally pissed about not being able to get to the castle. But we had a hell of a time sucking back free beer at the bar they hooked us up with! It was almost better because we still got free beer and we didn’t have an hour bus ride home!! Thanks for the apology Dos Equis and now you know, Austin is as drunk as they come. We don’t mind going to work the next day with a rockin’ hangover to attend a party that may be awesome. Lesson learned.

  8. Lisa replied:

    My group of friends and I had an AMAZING time at your party. You clearly put a ton of effort into a party we won’t soon forget. Austinites love to party so perhaps you won’t underestimate the response to your next Austin party. In my mind it’s general knowledge that more rsvps will be accepted than capacity limits, because not everyone will show up and that ensures a full party. But maybe next time you should make that apparent on your invitation (for all the inexperienced party-goers out there that apparently assumed they could show up late in the evening and get in without issue…)

  9. INsite Magazine replied:

    Very impressive. INsite threw a DosXX party a few years ago and I can say with all confidence that the fine folks at DosXX know how to throw a party…and know how to seriously be apologetic when organization/transportation doesn’t go as planned.

    I, for one, am looking forward to the next one… and I take mine with no lime.

  10. Sheila replied:

    Note for Most Interesting Apology Party: Do not serve glass beer bottles. Glass = Broken Shards of Glass in my Foot/Leg Bleeding to Death.

    Please, no glass next time. Bad, bad idea.

  11. Thomas replied:

    I had a blast, that sucks for the people that didn’t get in, I drove myself and didn’t get there til 8:30 and walked right in. Besides how much can you complain about an event that was free. Get over it. Just proves once again that Austin has way to many freeloaders.

  12. ryan replied:

    cant complain too much about a free tab for not getting into a free party..though, i wonder, what about those of us with tickets who didn’t get in? we wouldn’t be on the RSVP list then for this one?

  13. Seth replied:

    The party sounded awesome, so I got to Waterloo park way early. Others didn’t. For most of us who live in Austin, we’ve all wanted to go to some sxsw party (fader fort? rachel ray? perez hilton?), been RSVP’d and not been able to get in. Lesson learned: get there crazy early for a party that sounds crazy.

    I had a great time, and feel bad for those who waited in line forever, but people are acting so entitled around here.

  14. Anonymous replied:

    all they had to do was say free beer, and every waste-oid in austin showed up….personally i laughed when i heard about it and didn’t even make an attempt to go. it sounded like it was going to be a festival of douchebags… douchebags.

  15. Michael replied:

    the place was a fuckin nightmare. we drove up there and were in the the shuttle line by 7:15 (so yes we were there ealry) we then waited 1 1/2 in a fuckin shuttle line to only be told they had closed the gates. not only that but we were in line with people who were saying shit like “i dont care whose playing, I just want to drink for free”. getting out from the parking lot was an adventure also. fuckin place was just lame. the only way Dos XX can make it up is if they bring back ZTRIP which is the readon why I wanted to be there!

  16. Matt replied:

    “If you would like to attend this event please email the promoter that invited you, and they’ll make sure you get a ticket.”

    It sounds like they’re saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry”, yet already they’re shifting the burden/focus back over to us, the disgruntled partygoers, and the promoters (“email the promoter”), who they admitted weren’t at fault. In other words, “We’re sorry, but email someone else about it.” Lame.

    I can’t wait to read the heavily qualified write-ups of the Most Interesting Apology Event; probably filled with phrases such as “don’t shoot the messenger” and “remember how much this sucked the last time”.

    I don’t always attend monumentally disorganized, woefully underplanned promotions in the middle of nowhere; but when I do…

  17. stepha replied:

    I had a blast at the party. They were very specific that people should get there early because there was limited space. I was on the 2nd bus leaving Austin… again, I had a great time on the bus and at the party.

    Getting home was not so easy and could’ve been planned better, there was about 100 people trying to get on a bus back to Austin that wasn’t coming. It was a total fuck show, but it was a free event and it rocked and I got home eventually…

  18. Online Cultures and Offline Behaviors – the entire article « Chenergy Consulting replied:

    […] how many people the organizers are expecting, and how tickets for the event will be distributed. Dos Equis learned this the hard way.4. Burning bridges when you might need them the most.  Online […]

  19. Luther Bliss replied:

    Dance, corporate whores, dance!

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