Dark Party July 31st at the Parish

Dark Party is the tag team electronic dance project of popular Brooklyn-based beats producer Eliot Lipp and his Chicago-based friend Leo 123. Dark Party’s duo-producer approach results in a more up-tempo, almost disco feel, with sophisticated dance friendly beats. Individually, Eliot Lipp has made a name for himself by combining hip-hop influenced drum programming with the vintage synthesizer sounds found in electronic music from the 70s.

As a twosome Dark Party has already been credited with noted remixes for the likes of Daedelus and Labwaste, but it was with their contribution to the 2008 electronic music compilation Ghostly Swim that the world truly began taking notice of this new side project. The duo has a full-length album due out soon on Mush Records, and are currently in the middle of a summer tour that will hit Austin this Friday at the Parish.

Supporting will be Alex B of The Pnuma Trio, with layers of synthesizer, bass and enticing effects laid over broken hip-hop and down-tempo inspired beats to create rich textures with a jazz undercurrent. Brooklyn-based electronic artist Mux Mool will start the show. Make sure to click “I Like It!” on the Do512 event listing for a chance to win a pair of tickets and a custom concert poster autographed by the performing artists.


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  1. bobby clay replied:

    been a big year so far for all of these artists, will be stoked to see how they progress throughout the year..looking forward to these shows!

  2. Anonymous replied:

    DOPE these guys are serious musicians spending long hours crafting beats to make you dance so thats what you should do!!!!

    I know I will be–insider show this doesn’t have to be spread the word.

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