Ephraim Owens Experience – Great Jazz in Austin!


Whoever said Austin doesn’t have a good jazz scene has clearly never had the “Ephraim Owens Experience.” While I might not consider myself a jazz expert of any kind, I like to think I know good music when I hear it. The music I heard last night at the Continental Club in the Gallery was more than just good – it was some of the best I’ve heard.

Ephraim Owens is a local jazz trumpet player that has an extensive background in music study and performance. He has made an irreplaceable name for himself in the local music of Austin and keeps our city’s jazz scene alive. Owens also makes an appearance on the documentary film Before the Music Dies, along with music sensations Elvis Costello, Eric Clapton, and Erykah Badu – very impressive.

Needless to say, whether you consider yourself a jazz person or a simply lowly music lover like myself, you should indulge in the free live jazz performance of Ephraim Owens Experience in the very cool Continental Club Gallery every Tuesday night at 10pm. See you there!


July 29, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Colleen replied:

    jazz in austin, nothing better!

  2. thepilatesbiz replied:

    Whoa! Well, I suppose if this had to happen, at least it happened at a race where someone was really likely to notice and help was nearby. Its probably many a runners worst nightmare to have the blackout thing happen in some lonely and desolate location.

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