Rabbit in the Moon at Republic Live 8/29


Rabbit in the Moon has been called one of the most original electronic groups in the world. Formed in Orlando back in the early ’90s, the duo is comprised of an enigmatic frontman known as Bunny and a top-notch producer called Confucius. With a mixture of performance art, live video projections, and unique electronic music that blends dream-like sounds with dancefloor trance, Rabbit in the Moon’s live performance is an extraordinary thing. They were even voted the #1 live performance act in the country by the URB Magazine Readers Poll some years ago.

Bunny provides most of the visual entertainment during the act’s frenetic live show, with outlandish costumes that are more in keeping with a horror film than a rave. Their style draws from psychedelic trance, house music and breakbeat, with diverse influences that lead fans to refer to the group as the Pink Floyd of electronic music. They are resposible for original tracks such as “Out of body Experience” and “Deeper” as well as remixes for an array of artists, including Garbage, Orbital, Planet Soul, and Goldie.

Experience Rabbit in the Moon at Republic Live (301 W. 5th Street) on Saturday, August 29th. Local DJ Exceed will provide an opening set, and you a chance to win a pair of free tickets to the show simply by clicking “I Like It!” on the Do512 event listing.


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