Welcome, Barcelona!

Do512 is ecstatic about the newest addition to our clientele, 6th Street gem, Barcelona. Hailed as one of Austin’s best dance clubs, Barcelona has been a local favorite for years. Tucked beneath the historic Grove Pharmacy building, this fully underground bar seems easily lost amongst its pronounced neighbors. Savvy bar hoppers and club goers know, however, not to be fooled by its inconspicuous red-awned entrance. Descend that initial flight of stairs and you are immediately enveloped by the glow of red chandeliers, rich textures, and modern art pieces that culminate into a feeling of being transported to a revived speakeasy. As if in a secret subterranean hideout, you would feel the urge to whisper if it weren’t for the state-of-the-art sound system that, in tandem with the natural acoustics of the underground locale, perfectly and thunderously booms and reverberates your entire body with a single instruction: DANCE. And unlike the Prohibition-era predecessor the space seems to play homage to, the drinks flows endlessly and hospitably at Barcelona.

Barcelona has been attracting artists from around the world with the sonic power of its sound system, and the club does a good job of playing to that strength with weekly events including the ever popular Mad Classy Sundays, which serve up a hot helping of dubstep. Check Barcelona’s Do512 page or the Barcelona site for more info on its many weekly offerings.

Barcelona also has a strong calendar of one-time-only events. The first is a special benefit show featuring Tittsworth TONIGHT. An up-and-coming club force, Tittsworth has earned the praise of big industry critics NME, Radio 1, Billboard, BPM, and more, with a beat bumping sound that fills venues from Sao Paulo to Singapore to London and beyond. His new LP, 12 Steps, features collaborations with Kid Sister, The Federation, Pit Bull, and Nina Sky to name a few. Support a good cause while dancing to a great American DJ du jour for only $5. All proceeds benefit the Cameron Wright Fund.

Next up is special guest to the usual Mad Classy Sunday crew, DZ, a San Francisco-based dubstep/drum n’ bass/trip hop artist who has performed alongside big guns like Diplo, Ghislain Poirer, Jesse Rose, and Plastician. Click “I like it!” at Do512 for a chance to win one of THREE pairs of tickets for this Sunday!

On September 2nd, look forward to the house electronica of DJs/Producers/Label Owners, Inland Knights. Based out of the UK, the Inland Knights duo Andy Riley and Laurence Ritchie are the creators of Dropmusic, one of the most highly regarded house labels in recent years (they’ve produced over 60 releases to date), with Inland Knights at its forefront. Click “I like it!” for a chance at winning one of THREE pairs of free tickets!

Saturday, September 19th, DJ Swamp will be performing with Barcelona regulars, Prepmode and Go Go Garcia. DJ Swamp, a breakbeat and dubstep savant, made a huge entrance into the scene by winning the 1996 USA DMC Championships his rookie year. He went on to perform as part of Beck for four years before going solo, putting out several records and collaborating with artists such as N.A.S.A. and Method Man. Click “I like it!” and stand to win one of THREE pairs of tickets!

We have a feeling this is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship. What’s not to love?  Get out there and see for yourself why Barcelona is a Do512 favorite for good music and dancing fun.


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