Back to School at Aces Lounge, 9/3

Though many of us made the return to our scholastic duties this week, its probably safe to say that not all of our ambitions for the immediate future are entirely pedantic. Aware that ‘back-to-school’ really means ‘back-to-my-4-year-long-party,’ our good friends at Holla At Cha Boy Productions have planned THE back-to-school bash of the fall semester to help stave off early onset of textbook slump. The aptly named “A Meeting of the Minds” party will showcase two great professors of tru-school rhyme, Gift of Gab (of Blackalicious and The Mighty Underdogs) and Mr. Lif, with local openers Crew 54, Kevin Jack, and dubstep regulars G. King and Pharo. Even if it has been years since you matriculated, this back-to-school special is sure to inspire collegiate sentiments – at least of the late-night, you’re-only-young-once variety.

Trademarked by his fast, multi-syllabic verses, Gift of Gab is the recipient of commendation for his role in two indie hip hop hitters, Blackalicious and The Mighty Underdogs, including praise from ‘ever prevalent’ Pitchfork Media, who extolled Gab’s “astonishing verbal dexterity.”  With three released solo albums and another, Escape to Mars, due this October, Gift of Gab shares his wit and casual ease in his music, furnishing a welcome antidote to the mainstream.

A veteran frontrunner of  intellectual hip hop, you’re more likely to find Mr. Lif‘s tracks in an Ivy League dorm room than on the mainstream circuit. His latest album, I Heard It Today, was one of a dozen or more tributes to the political scene of the last election season, but Lif differentiates himself from the dozens with his cerebral zeal and philosophical presumptions. His January single, ‘Obama,’ is the antithetical counterpart to Young Jeezy’s ‘My President.’ While Jeezy expresses pride for the first black president elect, Mr. Lif wrestles with his high hopes and simultaneous skepticism: “Some of us feelin’ conflict in our hearts / Are we seein’ real change or just another false God?” Lif qualifies this seeming reluctance to the Huffington Post, stating, “I want my critique, I want my analysis on what [Obama] is doing, to remain at the same caliber as any other president that I would comment on.” Teach it, Prof.

The perfect supplement to your education, “A Meeting of the Minds” goes down next Thursday at the three-tiered Aces Lounge. Quickly the new 6th Street authority for live underground beats, Aces’ massively loud sound system should be persuasion enough to put down the pencils and books… don’t pretend like you weren’t already planning your next study break.

A+ for all.

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August 27, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. bobby clay replied:

    really stoked for this show! these MC’s are always grindin and always releasing the freshest tracks!

    come celebrate this celebration aptly named “meeting of the minds”!!!

  2. Abb replied:

    A must attend event with two of the most relevant players in hiphop. Trust me you’ll be able to hear and understand these lyrics! Bring your notebooks emcees and producers this will be a great tutorial on how to make music that matters.

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