Susan Cowsill does The Jackson 5 Greatest Hits!


In June, Susan Cowsill and her band brought Austin a little taste of perfection with their revolutionary “Covered in Vinyl” show concept. They performed The Beatles’ Revolver from start to finish. Throughout the entire evening, the Saxon Pub was packed with energy and excitement for the musical masterpiece unfolding on that corner stage. The main idea is as follows: Cowsill performs original works, including fan favorites such as “Palm of My Hand,” and then the group covers an entire album. Not only does Susan have an incredible gift for songwriting, but she also has an impressive and versatile vocal talent. In January 2008, OffBeat Magazine named her “Best Female Vocalist.” Susan Cowsill is a musician’s musician.

Lucky for you, she is coming back to Austin! The Susan Cowsill Band (OffBeat Magazine’s “Best Roots/Rock/Country Band”) will be performing tomorrow night at The Saxon Pub, and they’re bringing “Covered in Vinyl” along, too! Not only do you get to partake in some of this New Orleans band’s great original works, but you also get to witness what is bound to be the best Jackson 5 cover ever performed. That’s right, they are covering Motown’s 1971 classic album The Jackson 5 Greatest Hits!

The show is Saturday, August 29th at 8pm at The Saxon Pub. Following The Susan Cowsill Band is local musician Miss Lavelle White. Be sure to check out the event listing on Do512 for more information!


August 28, 2009. Uncategorized.

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  1. Gianluca replied:

    I was lucky enough to interview Susan and husband Russ Broussard in New Orleans. Here’s a link to our conversation in case anybody’s interested.

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