Ballroom With a Twist

The past few years have seen an explosion of competitive reality TV, and these days its seems as if the trend is only taking a turn for the worst. 800+ channels’ worth of programs attempt to piggyback the American Idol craze by applying a similar construct to different arenas, some with results that leave you feeling embarrassed to be an American (e.g.  America’s Most Smartest Model, Celebrity ApprenticeMiss Teen USA). The reality competitive dance sector is no exception (see Dance Your Ass Off!), but still manages to keep things relatively classy in its sub-sub-genre. This is because dance, one of the most ancient traditions and art forms of our history, wields the ability to transcend even the cheesy mock-drama and contrived emotion that is gag-fed into the reality entertainment formula. Which is why reality dance shows never stop pleasing – no matter how annoying the side commentary or formulaic the premise, dance never fails at riveting us with its demonstrations of physical power and grace.

Fans of reality dance shows rejoice! It is such dance that the illustrious Long Center For the Performing Arts will celebrate next Friday, September 11th, when it serves as host to the touring extravaganza, Ballroom With a Twist.  Starring Gilles Marini, runner up celebrity dancer in last season’s Dancing With the Stars and actor in several film and television roles (most notably ‘Samantha’s Insanely Hot Naked Neighbor’ in the Sex and the City Movie), this acclaimed production will also feature the talent of young dancers from television phenomena Dancing With the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, and Disney’s High School Musical. Fans will be able to smell the sweat, feel the intensity, and finally understand why Bruno Tonioli is always jumping out of his seat. Non-viewers shouldn’t make the mistake of judging this event by its reality title – Ballroom With a Twist will carry the same flash and fireworks as a large-budget network production but has all the panache and style of a proper dance exhibition, thanks to master choreography from international dance champion, Emmy-nominated choreographer, and creator of the Broadway feature production Latin Fusion, Louis van Amstel.

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