Prefuse 73 at Aces Lounge, 9/24

Your friendly neighborhood promotions crew, Score More, is teaming up with our Do512 team and the Law Office of James Gill to bring you Prefuse 73 at Aces Lounge next Thursday, September 24th. Based out of Barcelona and NYC, Prefuse 73 is one of post-techno master Scott Herren’s many production aliases. With past influences spanning ATL hip hop to ambient jazz, its appropriate that Herren chose to clearly delineate his evolving and varied styles into separate monikers. The Prefuse 73 handle is a unique amalgamation of sounds, often “identified with genres known for their rhythmic punch (hip-hop) and textural layering (glitch electronica),” according to a Pitchfork Media review that touts the unifying element across the Prefuse 73 discography to be Herren’s singular skill with creating melody. Prefuse 73’s debut album, Vocal Studies and Uprock Narratives (2001), and its follow-up, One Word Extinguisher (2003), were met with intense critical acclaim directed at Herren’s deliciously hard and fast rap technique in the former and his injections of deep cutting emotion uncharacteristic and refreshing to his genre in the latter. Now a few more albums in, Prefuse 73 is again the recipient of music critic adulation with the swift switching of Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian. A rather A.D.D. masterpiece of edgy beats, deeply stacked sounds, and disjointed yet cohesive construction, this album boasts digital splices “as distinctive as a vocal,” as praised by Mars Volta’s Isaiah Ikey Owens, who raves that “even the drums are lyrical.” Ampexian has repackaged and re-gifted the excitement and genius of Prefuse 73’s heyday works into something well-worth (re)discovering.

Click “I like it!” at Do512 for a chance to win one of THREE free pairs of tickets to the show at 6th Street’s Aces Lounge!


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