Art Outside 2009: More Artist Spotlights (Warlocks, Dead Meadow, Golden Animals, Lower Heaven)


Art Outside 2009 will commence this weekend at Apache Pass, a historic outdoor venue that is situated North East of Austin. All three days, October 9th through 11th, will be overflowing with remarkable art, visual performances, live music, fashion, film and comedy. With three different stages to choose from, art and music lovers will have many choices to make throughout the day, and each day will be different. Everything will take place at Apache Pass on the San Gabriel River, offering plenty on-site amenities like hot showers, portable toilets, large shade trees, and food and beverage vendors.

One of the many attractions of Art Outside is dubbed The Psych Stage, which will feature over 15 of the most current psychedelic rock bands, hand-picked with assistance from the producers of Psych Fest. Austin will be represented by talented locals including Shapes Have Fangs, Amplified Heat, and the 13th Floor Elevators cover band Acid Tomb. One of the bigger names is the Matador Records trio Dead Meadow, followed closely by The Warlocks, Golden Animals and Lower Heaven:

Dead Meadow

“This Washington D.C. based power-trio has found a modern lotus position at the capstone of guitar-driven psychedelic blues and drone. A guaranteed climax of the festival, headliners Dead Meadow bring a kaleidoscope of slow and heavy Zeppelin/Hendrix roots, sixties folk and garage, and surfing Telecaster licks that weave a tapestry of mind-altering rock ‘n’ roll influences. With a few other outfits nipping at each others heels, many are saying Dead Meadow retains the most vision and durability as quite possibly the best Psychedelic Rock band on the independent circuit.”

The Warlocks

“The reigning kings of super-heavy psych, these reverb artists pound their commanding melodies home and continue to win acolytes around the world to their peerless psych musicianship and dark vision.  Their mature and overpowering sound, honed through years atop the Northern California scene, is as beautiful as it is unsettling.  Their live show is truly something that must be experienced to be appreciated in its full, terrifying majesty.”

Golden Animals

“Plenty of working bands conjure up the sights and sounds of the 60s, but few embody the spirit as fully as Golden Animals’ Linda and Tommy, two shooting star troubadours in the world of underground psychedelia.  Their dramatic reinterpretations of fundamental American folk rock, coupled with their captivating live show, have been entrancing audiences here and across the pond.  Truly a magical duo, these spellcasters transfix all in their radius until your molecules dance to their every vibration.”

Lower Heaven

“Lower Heaven embraces the darkness of 80s shoegaze while innovating the genre through inspired twists, like heavy use of the idiosyncratic Autoharp.  The California trio specializes in sending gorgeously textured waves of cascading sounds sweeping across your cerebral cortex, gently massaging you into a place somewhere between waking life and dream.  One listen, and you’ll be seduced into a world of shadows, where time slows to a crawl and each moment hovers orb-like in space, inviting contemplation and introspection.”

Buy tickets now! For just $50 pp for a 3-day pass including camping, this really is the entertainment bargain of the year.

For directions and event details, please visit Art Outside at:

Also remember to click “I Like It” on the Do512 event listing for a chance to win free tickets.


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