AFF, Ron Howard, and Special Guests Screen Apollo 13

The Austin Film Festival has announced a special retrospective screening of the 1995 blockbuster film, Apollo 13. Nominated for nine Oscars (two of which it won), the 1995 film depicts the dramatic “successful failure” of Apollo 13, a ‘routine’ moon exploration mission that quickly turned into a worst-case-scenario and subsequently epic fight for survival. The film is a masterful and shockingly true representation of what occurred during that fateful mission, uniquely combining emotionally moving, pulse-quickening, silver screen storytelling with minimal Hollywood exaggeration of the actual historical events. If its been a while since you’ve watched the film or if you for some reason have yet to see it (being born after 1995 is the only excuse I can think of), then here is a little something to jog your memory and pique your interest:

The screening will take place at The Paramount Theater on Saturday, October 24th, and will feature a Q&A session after the viewing. In attendance for this discussion will be Ron Howard, who is both the director of Apollo 13 and this year’s AFF Extraordinary Contribution to Filmmaking Award recipient. Also in attendance will be Clint Howard (Ron Howard’s brother and actor in the film), Apollo 13 screenwriters William Broyles Jr. (former ‘Newsweek’ editor, ‘Texas Monthly’ founding editor, and AFF board member) and Al Reinert, and three members of the real Apollo 13’s NASA mission controls team Jerry Bostick, John Aaron and Sy Liebergot. Apollo 13 mission commander Jim Lovell (portrayed by Tom Hanks) will also be present to contribute to this remarkable Q&A panel, best known for his famous phrase “Houston, we have a problem” and lesser known for his book, Lost Moon, the historical narrative of the events of Apollo 13 on which the film is based.

The screening will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear from both the creative minds and the actual participants of one of the most compelling astronautic events in the history of American space flight. For more info on this screening or to learn more about the 16th Annual Austin Film Festival, visit the AFF site.


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