Wiretree CD Release Party @ Lucky Lounge, 10/17

The recent schizophrenia in the weather has even the most heat-seeking types wanting to revert back to the period of chill this past weekend, if only for the sake of something constant. Weather has the strangest impact on mood, influencing even something so small as immediate music preferences. Sunshine inspires the upbeat, cold the nostalgic, and rain something gauzy and pensive. Yesterday morning, when sampling tracks from Wiretree‘s latest album, Luck, the air was chilly and full of mist, and the sincere warmth and comfort of their lyrics and sound fit rather well as a soundtrack for that moment. Interestingly, as the day progressed and Luck was revisited when the fickle weather had reverted to sunny and temperate, and then again after a second bout of rain left the air thick and hot and restless, these tracks continued to carry an astounding amount of relevance. Regardless of whether it is by design that Wiretree’s music possesses the rare ability to traverse multiple emotional environments or just a personal liking to these latest songs, there is no denying that Austin’s Wiretree has something special underneath its indie pop/rock surface. A quartet of young talent on stage and off, Wiretree is also a resourceful group of do-it-yourself-ers, having produced from the beginning under their own label, Cobaltworks Music. Already grabbing attention in as far distant places as the UK, Wiretree is most definitely one to watch.

Join one of Austin’s rising music stars in celebrating the release of their latest work, Luck, which is set to drop on October 20th, at Lucky Lounge this Saturday! For more details, and a chance to win FREE tickets to the show and one of 20 copies of Wiretree’s new CD, click “I like it!” with us at Do512.

Echoes can be heard of everything from vintage ‘60s pop-sike and Velvet Underground-esque choogle to paisley underground-tinted ‘80s stylings and latterday indie rock with a distinctive anthemic edge. There’s an urgency afoot in the Wiretree music, and a naked honesty as well.

-Blurt Magazine


October 14, 2009. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. do512 replied:

    Tickets to the show are now actually free but we are still giving away 20 free copies of the CD!

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