The Skinny on The Scoot Inn

Do512 has had the pleasure of working with The Scoot Inn for various events, and we figured its about time we spread our love for this venue to the blogosphere. The Scoot Inn, or earlier known as Red’s Scoot Inn, is purportedly the oldest continuously running beer joint in Texas. Believed to have been originally built in 1871, and after having survived such trying times as the Depression and Prohibition, the bar was turned over to the hands of Scoot Ivy and his friend Red in 1940, who gave it its namesake and proliferated its well-established role as a favorite neighborhood watering hole.

Like anything truly worthwhile, The Scoot Inn has stood the test of time. Even after recently having made yet another management switch to the Longbranch Inn people, The Scoot Inn remains a relevant East side haunt. From skeeball-playing, homegrown weeknights to SXSW blowouts and flashy PR events like Massive Beacon’s Masive Art Attack party this past Friday, The Scoot exercises its long-mastered adaptability in the incredibly wide range of events it plays host to each week. Every evening brings new possibilities – in music, in people, in energy – depending on the day’s lineup. Catch The Scoot Inn on a quiet night and drink in the full local feel in which its history is entrenched. Inside (with its vintage bright red wallpaper, mounted deer head, and crazily decorated restrooms) or out (where you can enjoy the sprawling tree-shaded yard and play with the resident cat), The Scoot palpably embodies its heritage. Catch it on a busy event night, and the place turns into an alt/indie/hipster haven where the massive backyard morphs into a roomy dance floor with a decked out stage. The bartenders, whether The Scoot is packed or not, are known for being ever attentive and conscientious. More quirks that add to The Scoot’s charm are the skeeball machines and the tasty little food trailer out back.

Regardless of whatever scene it houses, The Scoot somehow maintains a strong current of authenticity in its genuinely humble and friendly atmosphere. Its the kind of thing that can only be earned, not fabricated, which we imagine will continue to draw people of all kinds to it for a very long time.

Check out The Scoot Inn’s page at Do512 for info on its weekly drink specials and upcoming events! (WHOA, especially The Hood Internet on November 6th!!)

Of note: Do512 will be giving out a whopping TEN pairs of tickets for every show at The Scoot. Just click “I like it!” to enter!


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