Sister 7 and Dertybird Halloween Night at MoMo’s

Sometimes with all the craziness rampaging about town on Halloween night, it’s good to sit back and enjoy some solid live music above the madness that will be west 6th. If you’re in the mood for an alternative rock kind of Halloween night, head over to MoMo’s this Saturday to catch Austin-based bands Dertybird and Sister 7.


Dertybird, a “straightforward Southern Rock’n’Roll band,” describes their sound as “warm in tone, full of harmony, and delivered with such grit that it beacons a soulful reaction from the listener… draw[ing] on an unyielding sentiment that has been steeped in the blues, and has a familiar yet novel character that cuts through the mundane…reminiscent of the sounds that used to fill stadiums and bound through endless seas of hopped-up hippies.” The band consists of voice and Alabama native, Clayton Colvin, who began conspiring with New Orleans-hailing JT Holt to pull together the origins of Dertybird, which was later joined by the rhythmic stylings of Lee “Bug” Brock and Nick Summers. Starting in Austin in 2006, the band has successfully managed to marry the sounds of funk and rock with the heartfelt emotion of southern blues, which has definitively shaped the group, creating an authenticity that has been raw, yet surprisingly harmonious.


Fellow Austin-based Sister 7, originally named Little Sister, will follow the soulful Southern rock of Dertybird. Having formed in 1991 out of an impromptu jam session, the group debuted a live EP in 1994 and established a respectable place in Austin’s live music history that has survived over a decade. Comprised of female vocalist Patrice Pike, guitarist Wayne Sutton, bassist Darrell Phillips, and drummer Sean Phillips, Sister 7 fuses hard rock, funk, and hip-hop in a unique manner that echoes the alternative rock heyday of the 90s. After a short hiatus in 2000, the band reunited in 2004, and have been pleasing fans ever since.

Dertybird goes on at 9, with Sister 7 at 11:30. Check out the event page for more information and a chance to win a FREE pair of tickets!


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