DJ Spooky, “Terra Nova: Sinfonia Antarctica”


With an extensive and impressive resume that includes occupations ranging from experimental musician and artist to author and international professor, DJ Spooky (also known as Paul D. Miller) will showcase his next large scale multimedia performance work, Terra Nova: Sinfonia Antarctica, in 2 weeks in Austin. This unique work is an acoustic portrait of a final frontier–the uninhabited continent of Antarctica–which has been rapidly changing (relatively unseen) for centuries. Transforming his intimate first person experience with the terrain into multimedia portraits, DJ Spooky brings the continent to contemporary imaginations by reconstructing it in an unprecedented way. Utilizing art as his medium, Miller essentially modernized the concept of exploration.



In Antarctica, DJ Spooky used a portable studio in field recordings, capturing the acoustic qualities of the land’s ice forms–“samples” of environmental sound–which reflect an evolving environment under duress. He portrays a “land made of complex ecological interactions” by recording the sounds of the continent and fusing them with historic, scientific, and geographical visual material. This 70-minute performance is a novel digital reconstruction that follows in the footsteps of environmentalists like Al Gore and films like March of the Penguins in bringing the ¬†mysterious nature of Antarctica to the masses.

On the heels of his highly acclaimed performance work, Rebirth of a Nation, (which has been performed internationally), Sinfonia Antarctica captures a powerful moment centering around man’s relationship with nature and the exploration, through art and music, of a distant terrain.

With his trademark spinning, backed by live music and a visual performance, DJ Spooky brings his environmental message to Austin in 2 weeks, on Friday, November 20, in Hogg Memorial Auditorium on the UT campus. The show starts at 8 PM, and to find out how to get tickets (OR to WIN FREE TICKETS), head over to the event page.


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