Do512 & Dos Equis Halloween at the Graveyard–Photo & Video Recap

A BIG thanks to all our sponsors, performers and everyone who came out for the Do512/Dos Equis Halloween at the Graveyard.  The party was a HUGE success…about 1200 crazy costume-clad characters came through the doors to indulge in plentiful Dos Equis and Sweet-o-Titos.   There were stilt walkers, fire dancers, 1 million volts of musical electricity, art installations, interactive animation, and hundreds of brilliant costumes. We’d like to give a special thanks to the folks who made this possible: Dos Equis, Sweet Leaf Tea, Titos Vodka, Rozone Productions, The Lemurs, Arc Attack!, Hipnautica, The Businessman DJs, Edge of Imagination Station, & Under Pressure.  Lets wait and see how we can top it next year!

Check out this super cool slo-mo video from our friends at Rusty Screw Productions:


November 4, 2009. Uncategorized.

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  1. Sky replied:

    I was glad to come in and design the space, it was a lot of fun creating the haunted industrial space and graveyard. I’m glad our Hipnautica fire dancer, and stiltwalker were such a hit. It was concerned that the crowd was not going to get Hipnautica but by the middle of our set I could see heads bobbing, bodies grooving, and the crowd being moved. It was great to finally see the Lemurs live, great work! All my thanks to Jimmy Stewart and the Do512 crew, Rozone Productions and Nomad Sound, and of course to all our sponsors. Not to mention the audience, you all rocked it out, lot’s of great costumes, enthusiasm – Hipnautica had a blast.

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