Recap: Dos Equis “Most Interesting Show in the World” 11/2 at La Zona Rosa


Over the weekend Austin was treated to the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Show in the World” tour at La Zona Rosa. Walking into the venue you knew this was going to be something out of the ordinary, as La Zona Rosa was decked out in special decorations and lighting complete with a huge projector screen and of course a large portrait of the most interesting man in the world. The bill promised to feature a menagerie of multinational performers, including acrobats, beatboxers, burlesque performers, contortionists, crossbow marksmen and daredevils.

Serving as host and MC for the event was Angelo Moore, a talented poet, spoken word performer, saxophonist and also founding member of the punk rock band Fishbone. During this one-of-a-kind show, I saw a guy put a live scorpion in his underwear while balancing a flaming bowling ball filled with knives on his head. I saw one The Human Beat-Box, Butterscotch get on stage and wow the crowd with an incredible performance that would make the Fat Boys blush. My personal highlight was the The Human Slinky –something that defies description. Check it out:

I saw The World’s Most Dangerous Comic, Mark Faje, knock a cigarette from a volunteer’s mouth with a whip from a distance of about ten feet. I also witnessed the sexy and world famous contortionist Mei Ling, a few crossbow stunts with burlesque performers, a blindfolded knife-thrower, and a rocking closing performance from Fishbone. As if all of that wasn’t enough to make it interesting, there was an overflow amount of free Dos Equis on hand to keep the party going.

The “Most Interesting Show in the World” will continue to delight audiences from coast to coast throughout November, and you can visit the Dos Equis website to follow the rest of the tour. These photos are courtesy of Jesse Knish. Please follow the link to see a full slideshow of the event!



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