Jaysin and Anecha CD Release at The Fifth Gallery


After creating music with each other for a decade, Jaysin (of the Austin/San Marcos collective, The Word Association) and Anecha (known previously as Gargamel and as a peripheral member of The Word Association as well) have combined forces to release their debut album, Delta Blues. This Saturday, November 14, a release party for the album will be going down at Austin’s urban art gallery, The Fifth, from 7:oo PM to midnight, complete with free food and beer and other giveaways.


Having described their blend as an independent hip-hop, blues, and jazz kind of experience, Jaysin and Anecha have worked hard to ensure that, out of the variety of their previous and separate projects, this one will be the best to date. With Anecha producing all the beats, and Jaysin providing the lyrics, this time around the pair’s collaboration accurately reflects their individual love of music and the different pieces and styles that have inspired them throughout the years. Using Recycle and Reason to create tracks that sample various movies and artists, live field recordings, and other live instruments, Anecha handed over the work to Jaysin who took everything to Hideout Studios in Austin. After reworking all the tracks one piece at a time to give Delta Blues a more analog feel, Jaysin recorded and mixed the whole project, giving us what we now see as the completed and perfected Delta Blues album.

Not only will free CD’s be passed out among the crowd, but expect some great tunes all night that will be coming to you from San Marcos’ favorite DJ, Chief and the Doomsday Advice. Head over to the EVENT PAGE to RSVP for a completely FREE entry! Hope to see you there!


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